Why Does My Elna Sewing Machine Skip Stitches?

All reasons for skip stitches can be figure out and fixable. Several sewing machine problems are easily resolved just by re-threading the machine but the problem of skipped stitches is a challenging situation that hurts.

There are reasons why your Elna Sewing Machine Skip Stitches and ways to resolve the problems. This article is the answer to every question, just keep reading.

Why Does My Elna Sewing Machine Skip Stitches?

Elna Sewing Machine is considered a great investment with an extensive range of sewing machine designs and models that are well-built, durable, reliable, affordable, easy to use, and of excellent quality. The issue of skip stitches is however inevitable as it will always occur when there’s a fault.

The common reason why your Elna Sewing Machine skips stitches is that the bottom thread is not in alignment with the surface stitching i.e the bottom thread does not work even with the surface stitch.

1. Damaged Shuttle or Bending Eye

The shuttle or bending eye is the steel or plastic bobbin holder. Once it begins to wear down as a result of the machine not being able to hold the bottom firmly which prevents it from working in alignment with the surface stitching, it gets damaged and this causes stitching errors that are likely to cause the machine to break.

2. Damaged needle

There is the presence of friction that is placed on the needlepoint during every stitch, and constant use causes abrasion. At that, the needle becomes worn out, dull, bent, and damaged reducing its performance ability and once this happens, the problem of skip stitches occurs. 

3. Incorrect needle position

When the needle is inserted wrongly, loosely inserted to the top, or rotated, it likely leads to the stitches skipping. The incorrect needle position prevents the bobbin thread from hooking up with the top thread sand which leads to poor thread tension.

4. Wrong Needle Size

When the wrong needle size is used, the stitches on the fabric skip. The needle won’t be able to move back and forth from the needle opening. If the needle also doesn’t match the fabric, it ends up in skipping stitches – an improper needle will not allow the thickness of the thread to match the needle’s eye causing the loops to be unstitched or uneven.

Generally, the universal 80 needles should work perfectly but in cases of sewing fabrics like leather, or jersey, or using a thin/thicker thread, it is best to use the specialty needle.

5. Damaged Bobbin

When the bobbin or hook is not able to hold the bottom thread well, it doesn’t synchronize with the top thread which means the bobbin or hook is damaged and likely to result in skipped stitches.

6. Wrong Threading and Tension

When the sewing machine is wrongly threaded, it causes the sewing machine to jam and this can result in too tight tension and skipped stitches. When the thread tension becomes too tight, the thread breaks or snaps.

When it is low, it causes the thread to entangle and jam the machine. Also, if the thread isn’t pulled out well-tight enough, the needle gets stuck in the fabric.

7. Machine Faults

The faults the machine develops can also cause skipped stitches some of which are:

  • When the machine is dirty – lint build-up and other dirt accumulated in the machine that is consistently used especially in the machine head and this can also add to the issues you experience on skipped stitches.
  • When the force exerted is much, the machine speeds, and if it is too fast, it tends to skip on the fabric.

How Do I Stop My Elna Sewing Machine From Skipping Stitches?

It is best to avoid the problem of skipped stitches but this depends on the model of your Elna Sewing Machine (check through the Elna Sewing Machine Manual) and the reason for skipping stitches. 

However, the following are general ways of stopping your Elna Sewing Machine from skipping stitches. These tips should guide you to properly fix your machine:

  • From the bobbin, remove the needle and thread. Then fully thread the bobbin and re-insert it back into the hole. Ensure that the bobbin is wounded properly to its spool before you insert it back – if it is loose, it won’t be able to work well in the machine.
  • When the first skipped stitch is observed, immediately stop and re-thread your sewing machine from the beginning. Ensure that your thread take-up lever is placed at the highest position then, attach the thread spool, pull through the needle opening, and leave about a 4-inch of the thread tail. You can also fix this using the thread guidelines on your Elna Sewing Machine Instruction Manual.
  • Most Elna Sewing machines skip stitches when the bobbin is full while some skip when the tension is either too low or high. Check your Elna Sewing Machine Manual to learn more.
  • When a needle is used for about 7 hours, it becomes dull, bent, or even damaged, it is recommended that you replace it with a new one immediately.
  • For your fabric, choose the right needle size for your fabric type and thread size. The general guide to choosing the right needle size is:
  1. For stretchy fabrics like jersey, fleece, spandex, ribbing, etc., a ballpoint or stretch sewing needle is required. It has a medium tip that slides past through the fabric gently without damaging it.
  2. For woven fabrics like cotton, linen, challis, rayon, etc., a general-purpose universal needle or a microtex needle is best as they can pass through the fabric with ease.

iii. For heavy woven fabrics like canvas, denim, etc., a denim needle is recommended as it is sturdy and has a sharp tip that passes with ease through heavy fabrics.

  • When you notice skipped stitches, adjust the tension on your machine. Check to lose your grip on the machine or reduce your pace. If you pull the fabric at the back of the machine, this simply means that you are working in the same direction as the sewing, and the feed dog is likely to cause even longer stitches.

Why Is My Elna Sewing Machine Not Syncing With The Bottom Thread?

If your Elna Sewing Machine isn’t syncing with the bottom thread, it is likely to be caused by the following:

  • Thick thread or the bobbin isn’t properly catching the thread
  • Thread breakage and tension occur when the top thread and bottom thread are out of place or wrongly threaded.
  • When using the Elna Sewing Machine, it is vital to thread the needle through the fabric with the needle tip in the center position of the stitch, if the needle doesn’t catch with the bottom thread, then reposition the bobbin.
  • Continuous practicing with your sewing machine set at the right needle position will help to solve the doubt of where will my fabric go when I’m sewing. 
  • An incorrect bobbin assembly –  when the bobbin is wrongly threaded or too full. The best is to replace the bobbin with a new bobbin assembly.

Why Is My Elna Sewing Machine Not Catching The Bobbin Thread?

When your sewing machine is no longer catching the bobbin thread, it is possibly due to a clogged bobbin case, or dull, bent, or damaged needle. To have your sewing machine, ensure to pull the case out and rethread it.  

The Elna Sewing Machines have two separate bobbin systems – the manual and the automatic bobbin. The two systems use different threads and do not interact. The older Elna Sewing Machine model has the manual bobbin system where you’ll have to wound the thread over the bobbin spool while the automatic bobbin system uses electronic means to wound the thread to the bobbin.

What Are The Ways To Prevent Skipping Stitches?

The problem of skipped stitches is common. It prevents the stitch from forming or being sewn to the fabric. It causes fabric pieces to separate making it difficult for you to use your sewing machine again. To prevent your Elna Sewing Machine from skipping stitches, here are simple guides to follow:

  • Replace the needle after about 7 or 8 hours of usage.
  • Your Elna Sewing Machine should be regularly maintained especially after working on fabrics that shed more fibers and lint build-up.
  • The sewing machine should be taken in for proper servicing at least once a year.
  • The tension for each fabric and thread weight should be adjusted.
  • The needle bar should be correctly positioned and the needle placed to seat well in its place.
  • Always oil the machine regularly. This helps to keep the mechanics lubricated and work smoothly and efficiently and also reduces the issue of wear on all the moving parts of your Elna Sewing Machine.


When your Elna Sewing Machine begins to skip stitches, it is likely the sewing needle is obstructed from passing through the fabric. Always take your time to check that the sewing threads, needle bar, and bobbin case are all properly positioned before you start to sew. It is best to fix skip stitches in your Elna Sewing Machine to prevent the occurrence of skipped stitches. 

It is best recommended that you ensure to always oil your Elna Sewing Machine after about 10 hours of use to properly lubricate the sewing machine.