Why Does Elna Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

In the sewing world, there is nothing as frustrating as not being able to work when you have the equipment to use as a result of it being faulty. One such moment is when your Elna sewing machine locks up and refuses to work; which can be attributed to so many factors.

This blog post is loaded with the reasons behind the jamming of your Elona sewing machine with embedded solutions. Move Close to your sewing machine and follow the article closely to locate the cause and solutions needed to unlock your cute equipment

Why Does Elna Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

Your easy-to-operate Elna sewing machine can decide to keep jamming at intervals based on a few factors that could be restricting it from functioning properly.

Here are a few of the causes responsible for the jamming of your sewing machine.

1. Tangled Thread

The thread of the machine can get tangled as a result of incorrect threading,  or making use of a low-quality thread or a high-quality thread for an inferior needle which will later serve as a blockage and not allow the machine to operate freely, thereby causing it to skip stitches and finally lock up ( Jam).

This can also cause the thread to get bunched up under the machine causing your Elna sewing machine to jam.

2. The Bobbin

Your Elna Sewing machine can get jammed if the thread in the bobbin is not well aligned causing it to play around and finally form a series of knots underneath the machine. 

Besides, once the bobbin case or the bobbin threader itself is not rightly fixed or damaged, anything can result from that such as wrong tension causing the machine to malfunction, and continuous use will result in the machine locking up.                             

3. Short Thread Tail

Leaving a short tail after threading your upper threads and the bobbin thread too will result in the needle catching on the fabric placed under the presser foot instead of the thread. This will cause the machine to get jammed as the cloth will get stuck in between the feed dog section.

4. Obstacles In The Feed Dog.

Anything in the feed dog section restricting the free movement of fabric is an obstacle and will soon result in the jamming of your Elna sewing machine.

Common obstacles found in the feed dog section are lint buildup, tangled thread,  and pieces of broken needles.

5. Wrong Setting Of The Needle

The wrong placement of the needle in the needle bar can result in your Elna sewing machine jamming.

When a needle is set too low at the needle bar or not tightly placed, the needle can hit the bobbin case directly causing it to break or remove; thereby resulting in the jamming of the machine.

6. The Needle

Your machine will never function without a needle and a wrong needle for a fabric, bent, broken, or dirty needle can result in machine failure including jamming of the machine.

Using the wrong needle for an Elna sewing machine can also result in the jamming of the machine as the machine is not designed for all types of needles.

7. Thread Tension

This happens when the thread tension is higher or lower than the thickness of the fabric.

When the thread tension is not set according to the type of fabric you are sewing, the thread will get bunched up underneath the machine and cause the machine to jam.

8. Wrongly  Positioned Presser Foot

Presser’s foot is known to hold the fabric in place when sewing to enable a straight line stitch and the right functioning of the machine.

A loosely installed presser foot or wrongly positioned presser foot will cause the fabric to keep moving at will when sewing and this will lead to the jamming of the machine.

9. Lack Of Maintenance

Expect any issues if you do not have a sewing machine maintenance culture as a poorly lubricated machine and a dirty machine will wear out easily. If the parts are worn out, the machine will also lock up and stop working.

10. Too Thick Fabric

Your machine will easily get jammed if the fabric placed under the feed dog to sew is too thick for your Elna sewing machine to handle. Once you notice the fabric is not moving, stop sewing and remove it before it locks up.

11. Faulty sewing  Machine

A noisy and faulty Elna sewing machine needs servicing and can decide to jam anytime as the sewing machine is tired and needs to be taken care of.

How Do You Fix A Elna Sewing Machine That Keeps Jamming?

The Elna sewing machine is very easy to fix as the machine is easy to operate but you need to be careful and patient when fixing it on your own.

The first thing to do if your machine is jammed and your fabric is caught up in the feed dog section is to; carefully remove the bobbin case from the bobbin holder and try cutting the bunched thread from under, thereby, releasing the fabric.

After the release of your fabric, check the following ways to unlock your Elna sewing machine.

1. Check The Needle

The needle is the first thing to address when it comes to fixing your Elna sewing machine, so, check your needle for any bent, blunt, or damaged signs. Also, check for dirt in the needle’s eye and clean thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Moreover, ensure that the needle is the right one for the machine and the project and is tightly connected to the needle bar, and is rightly positioned for use with the sewing machine.

2. Address Everything  Related To The Thread

When it comes to solving thread-related issues in your Elna sewing machine, check the following things.

  • Change the thread to a high-quality one if you realize the one there is of low quality.
  • Rethread your Elna sewing machine.
  • Make sure the thread and needle are compatible.
  • Adjust the thread tension to a suitable one for your fabric.
  • Check the thread path for any obstruction.
  • Remove every tangled thread or bunched thread at the feed dog section and bobbin area. 

3. Take Note Of Sewing  Precautions

Adhering to mini sewing precautions will help stop your Elna Sewing machine from jamming.

The first thing has to do with your thread tail, make sure that the thread tail both from the top and bobbin thread is up to  15cm long so as to prevent the needle from holding on to the fabric without the thread or the fabric getting stuck in the feed dog section. This will prevent your Elna sewing machine from jamming.

The next thing to take note of while sewing on your machine is to hold the thread tail before you start sewing as this will allow the thread to remain outside without getting caught up in the feed dog section; thereby preventing the fabric from entering the feed dog section and the machine getting locked up.

The last thing to take note of is to fold the fabric at the edge before sowing it as sowing on the plain edge will allow the needle to pull the fabric into the feed dog section causing the sewing machine to get jammed.

4. Clean Your Machine

The first thing required to do is to unplug your sewing machine and detach the needle plate, thread, needle, and other things attached to your sewing machine.

Clear the lint buildup, brush away the dust in the feed dog area section, and use a dry cloth to clean the bobbin section but make sure you remove the bobbin case from the bobbin holder so as to give it a thorough cleaning.

Reattach everything and plug your machine back.

5. Lubricate Your  Sewing  Machine

Lubricating your sewing machine can prevent and stop it from jamming. However, making use of any oil can damage your machine parts, so get a sewing machine oil from a reputable store around. 

Then, apply little drops of sewing machine oil to any moving parts of your Elna sewing machine and clean the excess oil with a dry clean cloth after application.


You don’t have to take your machine for repair if you can identify the factor responsible for the jamming of your cute Elna sewing machine and fix it with the few points discussed in this article.

However, if you try all of the discussed ways in fixing your sewing machine and it still keeps jamming, locate an Elna-authorized service center around you or contact a trusted professional to help. 

Above all, regular cleaning and lubrication are very important to the right functioning of your Elna sewing machine.