Where Are The Places To Donate Your Quilting Fabric?

As a hobbyist who finds quilting interesting and enjoyable, you might find it difficult to find a use for all your quilt after the quilting process. Before you realize it, you will have a large stash of quilts and unfinished projects and begin to wonder what to do with it. 

If you are a quilt lover that doesn’t know what to do with the made quilts, there are numerous organizations that will be delighted to take your finished quilt and quilting supplies off your hand.

Where Are The Places To Donate Your Quilting Fabric?

In this article, we will be providing a list of charitable organizations that accept donations of quilts, quilting fabrics, and supplies.

However, it is important to check out these organizations’ websites and promptly follow the donation procedure and specifications before you proceed with the donation.

1. Coffee Creek Quilters

Coffee Creek Quilters run quilting classes for women confined at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. This organization has donation specifications, donation of 100%  quilting weight cotton with a minimum of 1 yard will be accepted.

They also accept Minky and flannel fabric with a minimum of 40” x 60”, and cotton batting with a minimum of 60” x 80”. Other acceptable donations include sewing accessories such as rotary cutters, scissors, cutting mats, and threads. They also accept portable sewing machines. 

2. Quilts from Caring Hands

Quilts from Caring hands produce and allocate quilts to at-risk children in Oregon’s Willamette Valley region. The donation specification is 100% cotton fabric in large pieces or pre-printed panels. Textured fabric, pieced blocks, unfinished quilt tops, and complete quilts are also acceptable.

3. Quilts of Valor 

At Quilt of Valor, the aim is to cover service members and veterans affected by war with healing and comfort. The donation specification is a new 100% quilting weight cotton fabric.

It is also required for the fabric to be stained and odourless. While it is not a requirement, fabrics with red, white, and blue colour are preferred.

4. Snuggled in Hope

Snuggled in Hope is a donation and volunteer-based organization that creates and provides quilts and pillowcases for campers at Flying Horse Farms, an organization that provides camp experiences for children with vital illnesses in Ohio. 100% cotton fabrics are acceptable while fabrics such as flannel, fleece, denim, and knits cannot be donated. 

Quilting accessories such as rotary cutters, replacement blades, cutting mats, and quilting rulers are all acceptable. 

5. The Sewing Labs

The Sewing Labs is a non-profit sewing centre in Kansas City, MO. This organization with the aim of breaking the generational cycle of poverty and addiction helps by teaching sewing to at-risk individuals. 

You can donate clean fabrics for quilting, garment making, and upholstery.  They also accept notions, quilt batting, interfacing, and working sewing machines. 

6. Victoria’s Quilts

Victoria’s Quilts is an organization that makes quilts for cancer patients in the United States irrespective of their age, stage, and type of cancer. You can donate a new and clean 100% cotton fabric, they also accept cotton flannel but they should be in pieces and should be up to 1 yard in length.

The donation specification states that all donated fabric should be new, previously used, or laundered and will not be accepted. 

7. Wrap Them in Love Foundation

Wrap Them in Love Foundation is an organization that aims to give out quilts to children around the globe. The organization distributes quilts making use of orphanages, local food banks, hospitals, shelters, and those affected by natural disasters.

You can donate fabric, quilt batting, quilt tops, sewing supplies and accessories, and finished quilts.

8. A Quilt For Mother’s Tears

At  A Quilt For Mother’s Tears, the aim of the organization is to provide comfort to the mothers of police officers that lost their lives while on duty.

The organization makes quilts to honour the memory of the valiant men and women that sacrificed their lives while serving their communities. 

9. American Hero Quilts

American Hero Quilts is an organization that was created to recognize and appreciate all wounded service men and women that participated in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

10. Bags of Love

Bags of Love is an organization that provides necessary and comfort items to children that are in an unstable situation due to neglect, abuse, poverty, or homelessness.

The organization distributes a bag containing the normal necessities and a quilt or blanket to kids facing these issues. 

11. Binky Patrol

This is an organization that collects handmade baby quilts and blankets such as quilted, sewn, knitted, crocheted, or fleece.

All collected items are then distributed to children in need in the United States. They also accept yarn and fabric. 

12. Dress a Girl Around the World

Dress A Girl Around the World is an organization that believes every girl child deserves at least a pretty dress. the aim of the organization is to provide beautiful dresses to girls in need all over the globe. 

13. Firehouse Quilts of Colorado

Firehouse Quilts of Colorado is an organization of volunteers that create and distribute quilts to the Colorado fire departments, ambulance companies, Denver Health Medical Center, victim advocate offices, county social and human service agencies, and Douglas County Women’s Crisis Center which in turn distribute it out in a time of crisis. 

14. Freedom Quilts

Freedom Quilt is an organization that dedicates its services to comforting mourning families. Over the past years, the organization has put in a dedicated effort to the families affected by the 9/11 tragedy, and to the soldiers who lost their lives while serving their country.

The organization provides quilts to honour the memory of the lost ones. 

15. Little Dresses of Africa

Little Dresses of Africa is an organization that provides relief to children in need throughout the continent of Africa and other places in the world. Volunteers gather together to create little dresses of simple patterns to give out to little children.

16. Newborns in Need

Newborns in Need is a charitable organization that provides help in taking care of infants that are in need. The volunteers at the Newborns in Need provide necessary care to agencies and hospitals that take care of premature, ill, and impoverished babies in the United States.

17. Creative Reuse Centers

There has been an increase in the number of creative reuse centres across the United States with the aim of making use of usable waste such as fabric in the production of creative projects. The centres listed below do accept quilting fabrics and other sewing materials.

Make sure you check out the donation requirement on each site to know the acceptable fabric and size. 

  • Austin Creative Reuse (Austin, TX)
  • East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse (Oakland, CA)
  • Lancaster Creative Reuse (Lancaster, PA)
  • Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Reconsidered Goods (Greensboro, NC)
  • Re-use Market (Garden City, ID)
  • SCRAP (San Francisco, CA)
  • Scrap Exchange (Durham, NC)
  • Scrap It Up (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Scraps KC (Kansas City, MO)
  • SCRAP USA (Baltimore, MD; Ann Arbor, MI; Denton, TX; Humboldt, CA; Portland, OR; and Richmond, VA)
  • Upcycle Creative Reuse Center (Alexandria, VA)
  • Who Gives A Scrap (Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, CO


By following this article, we have provided a list of organizations and volunteer groups where you can donate your unused quilt fabrics, finished and unfinished quilts, and quilting accessories.

It is important to check out each organization’s donation specifications to confirm if your donation will be accepted.