What Is The Use Of a Jelly Roll In Quilting?

Quilting is fun and it is a means of escaping the hustle-bustle of the world while you focus on something you love doing. However, quilting is more than just a hobby as all the designed quilts serve useful purposes. 

Quilts function as throws, wall hangings, a makeup pouch to keep your stuff in order, and a car trash bag, and can also be used to warm up on cold nights. While varieties of materials are ideal for quilting including cotton, voile, cotton flannel, wool, and quilters weight linen.

You can also save yourself the stress of searching for the perfect quilting material and opt for the jelly roll. If you are a newbie to quilting and this term sounds unfamiliar, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be providing the full information on the jelly roll and its role in quilting. 

What is Jelly Roll?

What quilters refer to as jelly roll is a bundle of fabric strips, each strip comes in a measurement of 2 ½” wide by 44”-45” long. These bundles of pre-cut fabrics are ideal for working on quick and less complicated sewing projects. Jelly roll bundles commonly come with 40 steps of fabric in different prints and complementing colours.

The fabric strips are mainly manufactured with high-quality quilting cotton and get their name from their packaging methods as they appear like a cinnamon roll or doughnut. Many fabric companies manufacture jelly rolls with each having its name for the product. 

Moda fabrics originally coined the name jelly roll with the same product being referred to as Design roll, Rolie Polie, Roll Up, Strip Sets, and 40 Karat Gems by other companies. 

What is Jelly Rolls Used For and what Uses?

Jelly rolls are mostly used for quilting, they are also perfect for making throw pillows, table runners, bags, and fabric pouches. 

Quilters love to make use of pre-cut fabrics such as jelly rolls because it is time-saving. Pre-cut fabrics make your quilting process easy as you don’t have to waste time with the cutting process which speeds up the sewing process as well.

The availability of different colours and prints makes the jelly roll perfect for all types of quilting projects. All the 40 strips available in a jelly roll also come from the same fabric line which ensures different fabrics can be mixed without worrying about matches and compatibility.

What is a Jelly Roll Quilt?

A jelly roll quilt is a form of a quilt that is made using jelly roll pre-cut fabrics. Depending on the quilting pattern and quilter’s preference, jelly roll quilts can be simply designed or less complicated, they can also be made in a modern or traditional pattern. 

However, quilts made with jelly roll pre-cut fabrics are commonly simple which makes it an ideal quilting material for beginning quilters who are new to the craft and professionals to execute their simple and quick projects. 

How Can I Sew a Jelly Roll Quilt?

Numerous methods can be applied to make jelly roll quilts. The general method is by piecing together fabric strips which results in a patchwork design. The quilting procedure of the jelly roll pre-cut fabric is not different from sewing a regular patchwork project while making use of the regular fabric yardage. However, you get to save lots of cutting, measuring, and preparation time with the jelly roll pre-cut fabric.

How Many Jelly Rolls Do I Need to Make a Quilt?

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The number of jelly rolls required to make your quilt will be determined by the size of the quilt you want to make. You also have to consider the number of strips available in each jelly roll bundle you’ll be using, your quilt pattern should also be considered as more cuts will result in extra seams losing more fabric in the seam allowance.

If you will be acquiring the standard jelly roll which consists of 40 strips with 2 ½”, by 44” long measurements. It will require up to a jelly roll to make a baby quilt or lap quilt. You will be needing at least two jelly rolls for a twin-size quilt and 3 jelly rolls for a queen-size quilt.

– Easy Jelly Roll Quilts Patterns

Jelly roll pre-cut fabrics are not only time-saving and comfortable but their designs and qualities also make it easy to combine the strips in infinite variations to create different types of patterns. A few of the most familiar jelly roll quilts patterns include.

– Jelly Roll Race Quilt 

The jelly roll race quilt is one of the most used jelly roll quilt patterns. It is perfect for beginning quilters to practice their jelly roll quilt, it is also one of the quickest methods to create baby quilts. Advanced quilters also make use of the jelly roll race quilt when they are short on time with a quilt project and they wanted to get it done soon. 

– Jelly Roll Rail Fence

This is another jelly roll quilt pattern that is perfect for beginners. A rail fence quilt pattern is created by piecing three strips together and perfectly pressing them making sure they didn’t get distorted.

The pieced strip length will be measured after which the strip will be cut into squares which will then be layed into the rail fence design and proceed with quilting.

– Jelly Roll Log Cabin

The log cabin is a traditional quilt pattern where blocks can be arranged in different ways. A classic log cabin quilt can be made with 2 ½ inch strips of pre-cut jelly roll strips. 

– Jelly Roll Bargello Quilts

Another quilt pattern you can make use of jelly roll pre-cut fabric for is the bargello quilt. Bargello quilts are created through the process of sewing jelly roll strips together following a certain order to produce a movement illusion.

What are the Modern Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns?

Various modern quilts patterns can be made with the jelly roll pre-cut fabric, thanks to its versatility. Some of the modern jelly roll quilt patterns include. 

– Madeline Quilt Pattern

The Madeline quilt pattern is a patchwork pattern that can perfectly be made with the jelly roll pre-cut fabric. It is fun to make, can be quickly made, and it is an ideal quilt pattern for beginning quilters. 

– Jelly Rings Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

The jelly rings quilt pattern can be perfectly made using the jelly roll fabric and it is ideal for both beginners and advanced quilters. One jelly roll should be enough to make a jelly ring quilt, the process is fast and fun. The quilt pattern allows your fabric to shine while gently mixing them all. 

Jelly Weave Quilt Pattern

The jelly weave is an easy and fast strip quilt pattern. It appears with a wooden look. With the jelly weave quilt pattern, you can make use of your jelly roll strips to create a beautiful woven effect. 


A jelly roll is a ready-made bundle of precut fabric strips that can be used in creating your quilts and other sewing functions. These pre-cut fabrics are accurately cut by the manufacturers saving you the stress of cutting and measuring and aiding your quilting project to be wrapped up in time.

By following this article, you should have been familiar with the jelly roll pre-cut fabric and how it can be used in quilting.