10+ Places You Can Find Sewing Classes: Online and In-Person

People can learn in many ways, and finding sewing classes that appeal to you is easier by understanding your preferred learning method. 

To make the search much easier for you, we will look at online and physical sewing lessons that will suit visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners in this article.


10+ Places You Can Find Sewing Classes: Online and In-Person

Below are our best picks for online sewing classes. 

1. The New York Sewing Center

The New York Sewing Center, situated in New York City’s Garment District, has long been a leader in sewing education. The center now offers various programs, workshops, and private lessons online using Zoom or FaceTime, expanding its educational reach into the digital sphere. The New York Sewing Center occupies the top spot due to their distinctiveness and extensive selection of class options.

If a one-on-one private class is what you’re looking for, a teacher will help you learn at your own pace for about $60. If you don’t own a sewing machine, you may take training in knitting, embroidery, or hand stitching instead. The staff at the New York Sewing Center can also help you find a machine that meets your needs.

Additionally, you can register for an online workshop. Offerings are updated and change frequently. You can build a gorgeous fabric and elastic top in the Virtual Summer Top workshop, and you can produce a soft, stretchy, and fashionable jumpsuit in the Virtual Knit Jumpsuit class. 

All ages, including children, can take classes at the New York Sewing Center. They can enroll in a virtual fashion summer camp, where they can learn how to put together outfits like a skirt and scrunchie. The cost varies according to the class you select, and it may take one hour, a full day, or even two to three hours every week for up to six weeks to finish.

2. Skillshare

You can better comprehend the creation of clothing by receiving training in pattern construction. The course’s instructor, Hyden Yoo, founded his own design business and has had both men’s and women’s clothing featured in magazines like GQ, Elle, Details, WWD, Nylon, and W.

Yoo discusses the value of the paper pattern in this Skillshare lesson on the manufacturing of clothing. The course is geared toward beginners and will instruct you on a straightforward four-step process for pattern drafting: measurement (taking accurate measurements to build a pattern), detailing (creating various collar types), materials (choosing materials for the best fit), and finally, paper drafting (actually drafting the paper pattern).

You’ll finish the classes by designing a pattern for the timeless T-shirt, one of the constants in any person’s wardrobe. During the platform’s 30-day free trial period, you can take the course for free if you don’t already have a Skillshare subscription. A Basic Membership is free with constrained access. The annual or monthly cost of the Premium Membership is $170.

3. Annika Victoria’s Sewing Hacks, Reviews, And Tricks

A self-described “amateur sewist who is trying to construct her clothing,” Annika Victoria portrays herself. With more than 770,000 YouTube followers, she offers a ton of free video lessons showing how to make your clothes and accessories, including bralettes and onesies. However, her Sewing Hacks series is brimming with advice for anyone wishing to improve their sewing abilities.

You’ll learn about the essential equipment to speed up and simplify your first sewing experience when you study 8 Sewing Essentials You Can’t Live Without (such as a rotary cutter, a bodkin, hemming tape, and more).

Along with describing how to use a handheld sewing machine, Victoria also offers 7 Ways to Save Money When You Start Sewing, a collection of do-it-yourself tips and tricks that can help you make your new sewing pastime a little more affordable.

Victoria also provides some simple technique hacks, such as how to shirr cloth and create pleats and ruffles in a flash. Watching these free tutorials, which each last about 10 minutes, is worthwhile if you want to learn some sewing tricks and cut costs.

4. Kim’s Upholstery

Your living area will be improved by giving your furniture a simple fabric makeover, in addition to giving it a much-needed refresh. Kim’s Upholstery, a website Kimberley Chagnon founded, is a place where you can study upholstery on your schedule.

Although Chagnon offers several free upholstery courses on her YouTube channel, becoming a member of her website will give you unrestricted access to her extensive upholstery training classes and archive, as well as a network of like-minded upholstery peers. Additionally, Kim’s Upholstery lessons are available whenever you have free time on any device.

You have access to a wide range of projects thanks to the over 90 classes and frequently updated content. Whether you’re sewing cushion covers, reupholstering a vintage barrel chair, slipcovering chairs, and loveseats, changing springs, or doing something different, Chagnon will guide you through each step of the procedure. The cost to join is approximately $49 per month, but you can save about $98 by purchasing an annual subscription, which costs about $490 per year.

5. The English Tailor

Most sewers put a lot of effort into developing their mastery of tailoring and attaining the perfect fit. Although this YouTube channel features tutorials for both men’s and women’s clothing, The English Tailor, founded by seasoned sewer Michael Coates, includes a series of free films aimed to help you through the occasionally challenging process of making staple pieces for a man’s wardrobe.

One of the individual garment courses that teach you how to construct tailored pants, a tailored jacket, button-down shirts, and a waistcoat is an option, or you can start with Coates’ Beginners Sewing Course. A demonstration of how to build your jeans is also available.

The English Tailor offers some films that are tips and tricks-focused, in addition to actual outfits. These videos offer advice on the best fabric, scissors, thread, sewing feet, pressing techniques, and more to help you practice sewing and hone your skills. You can even make your own bow ties and cravats to go with the homemade jackets, pants, and shirts.

6. Anita By Design

It’s vital to build a solid foundation for yourself if you’re new to sewing. Anita by Design provides free, comprehensive sewing instructions and sew-along videos on her YouTube channel, with a focus on beginning sewers. You’ll receive a crash education in the fundamentals of clothing manufacturing.

The series starts by going through the materials you’ll need to get started, and then it moves on to projects that will have you picking up and honing beginner-level skills in no time. It’s crucial to watch the videos in order, because they expand on the knowledge gained from the earlier examples. Each lesson’s video lasts somewhere between a few minutes and two hours.

For the 14-part series, you can follow Anita’s instructions to make a circle skirt, a maxi skirt, a straight skirt, a T-shirt, and a shirt dress. You won’t feel hurried or like you can’t keep up with her instruction, because it is clear, accurate, slow-moving, and tailored to folks who have never used a sewing machine before.

When you’ve mastered the fundamentals, Anita sometimes releases intermediate-level instructions for more seasoned sewers, allowing you to take on a new task.

7. Udemy.com

Sewing classes are available on Udemy.com for various projects and ability levels. Sewing 101 and Sewing Patterns 101 cover the fundamentals, or you can explore embroidery, pattern design, upholstery, and other topics.

Beginner-friendly tote bags, jointed plush animals, and even a range of garment sewing techniques are all things you can learn to sew. Keep an eye out for inexpensive courses on Udemy. 

8. Sew It Academy

If you also wish to create apparel, Sew It Academy is an excellent location to learn sewing. It is intended for both newcomers and those who want to continue developing their skills. 

Sew It Academy is unique in that you can focus on the sewing you wish to do. You can choose between menswear, womenswear, both menswear and womenswear, or kids’ clothing. The cost of most sessions is a manageable monthly subscription.

9. Creativebug

Numerous sewing classes are available on Creativebug.com and the Creativebug mobile app. After registering for a free trial that lasts a week, you can choose between simple membership plans that start at just $7.95 a month or an annual cost. There should always be a monthly payment option.

In most cases, the annual cost is a better bargain, but only if you use the service.   In addition to sewing, this website encourages various forms of artistic expression, including knitting, paper crafts, jewelry making, and art.

10. Debbie Shore

Debbie Shore’s “Sew-Along” courses are available live on her YouTube channel. She teaches a range of crafts, including making plenty of tote bags. This is an excellent channel if you just want classes that equip you with things you can use or give as gifts.

11. Crazy Little Projects

On CrazyLittleProjects.com, you can enroll in free online sewing lessons and request a free sewing project every week via email. 

Before you spend money on a sewing machine as a beginner, you might want to check out their “Best Sewing Machine for Beginners” program. These online tutorials demonstrate how to stitch a straight line, insert elastic, install a zipper, and other sewing techniques.

12. Craftsy.com

You can also purchase the sewing and quilting classes you choose on Craftsy.com as well. You can choose the pricing range in addition to the precise subject that interests you. Craftsy offers classes for up to $70. Additionally, for less than $100 a year, you can get a membership that you can split with up to three of your sewing companions.

Places You Can Find In-Person Sewing Classes

Your access to live sewing classes depends on where you stay. Here are some suggestions for locating nearby sewing classes.

13. Sewing Machine Stores

Ask if there is a store selling sewing machines nearby.  If your local retailer doesn’t provide lessons, they can definitely connect you with someone who does.

14. Make Use Of Google

By simply searching for sewing classes near me on Google, you can locate all nearby sewing classes where you can receive live lessons. 

15. Community Collage

Locally relevant courses are offered by several community colleges. You won’t need to register in the college to attend these classes, because they don’t earn college credits. These are typically weekend or evening courses. To find out what is available close to you, contact the student affairs office or library at the community college in your region.

Do I need to have any Sewing Knowledge Before Taking An Online Sewing Class?

Having some sewing experience at any level or a general understanding of sewing basics is unquestionably beneficial when enrolling in an online sewing program. But if you’re completely new to sewing, there are many lessons that are just right for beginners.

With the Learn to Sew series from Anita by Design, you can prepare yourself by learning the fundamentals.

What Materials Will I Need For An Online Sewing Class?

The resources you’ll need for each course’s specific tasks depend on the programs you choose to enroll in.

However, most classes require the most basic sewing equipment, along with thread, scissors, straight pins, seam rippers, pencils, paper, rotary cutters, mats, and rulers.


Look for books about the sewing craft you want to practice in your neighborhood bookshop, if reading and writing are your preferred methods of learning. You can also read blogs, because there are many informative sites available where you can learn how to sew.