Is Embroidery an Expensive Hobby?

The beautiful art of embroidery has to do with the ability to stitch designs on fabrics making use of thread, needle, and your creative embroidery skills.  This skill can be used in designing clothes, bedding, towels, and other forms of fabrics. 

While there is no definite answer to this question, embroidery can be quite expensive and cheap as well, depending on the amount you’re willing to invest in this hobby, what you’re willing to purchase, and the level of embroidery you’re willing to do. 

If your level of interest is the basic hand sewing which can be done with a simple needle, a hoop, and an affordable frame with pieces of cotton. This level of embroidery is less expensive and wouldn’t require you to spend much. With this level of embroidery, you can perform embroidery on your pillowcase, dish towels, and other household items.

However, to make embroidering on clothes, hats and other fabrics will require an embroidery machine which will cost a minimum of hundreds of dollars. You will also be investing in other sewing accessories such as threads and needles to carry out your embroidery projects. These accessories can also be expensive as well. 

Why is Embroidery So Expensive?

The embroidery process is a long one that requires lots of time and requires lots of skill to achieve quality embroidery results. All these works that go into making embroidery products are among the factors that make embroidery so expensive.

Another reason why embroidery is expensive is the cost of the required materials which are quite expensive.

Is Embroidery a Hard Process?

As a beginner or an advanced embroider, the art of embroidery doesn’t have to be tough. It is an interesting and enjoyable craft that you should consider when in need of an activity to reduce daily life stress. 

While the different types of embroidery can get you intimidated due to their distinguished stitches and materials. There should be no reason to panic as there is little or no difference in the required steps in embroidery. 

What Are the Benefits of Embroidery as a Hobby?

There are different ways through which embroidering will benefit you when you indulge in it as a hobby. These benefits include.

I. Low Cost

The cost of getting started with embroidery for a hobbyist is quite low which makes it easy to venture into it and access it if it’s something you might want to do often.

II. Meditative 

If you’re in search of a way to disassociate yourself from the day-to-day hustle and relax to elevate your mindfulness, you might want to try embroidery as it makes you stay glued and focused while at it.

III. Great for Stress

When embroidering, you make use of your hand and direct all your concentration into it which is very helpful when getting engulfed with stress and anxiety as it ensures your mind becomes calmed and reduces your stress.

IV. It’s Fun

There are numerous ways to have fun with embroidery. You can decide to do embroidery with your friends which can result in numerous ideas and beautiful creations. It also gets thrilling when you’re creating something special for your loved ones as a gift and token of appreciation.

What is the Cost of Starting Embroidery?

It is common for cost to be a major concern when trying to venture into a hobby, which is the same with embroidery. There can be a difference in the cost of embroidery due to what you’re planning to do, what is needed, and what you already have. The major cost of embroidery is the machine which can be quite expensive. While there are quality embroidery machines that cost up to $150-$500. 

There are also expensive embroidery machines that cost up to £1,000 and above. These expensive machines are equipped with outstanding features and ensure a high level of performance. If you’re not willing to spend up to this amount on your embroidery machine, you can opt for the cheap ones. 

These cheap embroidery machines don’t perform at the highest level but they are competent enough to carry out basic embroidery projects. With $50-$150, you will be able to acquire one for your embroidery projects. You will also be getting other sewing accessories for your embroidery which include.

Why are Embroidery Machines so Expensive?

While sewing machines come at different prices and you can easily decide to go with a budget-friendly own to perform your sewing tasks. In the case of an embroidery machine, much is expected from the machine such as a large number of stitching options and designs.

Some of these expensive machines also come with memory options to save your customized designs for future use. All these additional features are major factors in the price of an embroidery machine.

The machine construction also affects the price. An embroidery machine with a high level of durability is expected to be more costly than one with less durability.

Another factor that affects the machine’s price is the manufacturer’s brand. Embroidery machines made by renowned and trusted brands can be more expensive than the ones from unknown brands.

Is it Necessary to Get an Expensive Embroidery Machine for Embroidery?

The basic requirement of embroidery is your stitching knowledge and sewing skills. Acquiring an expensive embroidery machine as a hobbyist is not necessary.

However, if you are a professional seeking outstanding embroidery results, you might want to get an expensive embroidery machine.

Can I Use a Normal Sewing Machine to Embroider?

While a specially made embroidery machine provides speed and efficiency, you can easily create embroidery patterns on your fabrics using a regular sewing machine.

Numerous sewing machines are also equipped with embroidery functions, which might save you the cost of getting an embroidery machine just for the purpose. 

Can I Make Money from Doing Embroidery?

There are different reasons to venture into embroidery, while it is a hobby to some, others indulge in it for the purpose of making money by selling their creations. Aspiring to make money by embroidery is not a bad choice as it is an art that is in demand. There are numerous people that are willing to pay to acquire an embroidery for themselves or their companies which makes embroidery a profitable business. 

With proper marketing and reasonable price valuation, you can start making money doing something you absolutely enjoy from the corner of your home.


By following this article, you should have in-depth knowledge about the needed requirement if you’re choosing embroidery as a hobby.

It has also been revealed that the cost of embroidery can be different based on your preferred level of embroidery and how much you’re willing to go into it.