How To Stop Jeans From Fraying More Than They Already Have

Fraying in jeans can be stopped.  There are several ways to prevent jeans from fraying more than they already are; hemming, anti- fray solution, hand washing the jeans, ribbon, stitching, nail polish, lighter, fabric glue, pinking shears and using bias tape.

Denim is a tough fabric and durable. The durability depends solely on the types of jeans and the jean quality. The only issue with denim is fraying. Types of denim made from poor quality material often result in fraying.

Sewing can be engaged to stop fraying on your jeans. Every problem has a solution.  This will help you manage your jeans from fraying.

How To Stop Jeans From Fraying More Than They Already Have.

You might think, Is it even possible to stop a jean already frayed? Yes, it is possible. You can prevent your jeans from fraying with some good home remedies and equipment.

If your jean is long, it could cause friction that will lead to fraying. You can cut the jean with the correct measurement to stop fraying. There are a few ways to hinder fraying. Check out the techniques to hinder your denim from fraying.

Making use of nail polish

You can choose plain nail polish or the colored one that matches your jean. Use nail polish to coat the edge of the fraying materials. Apply a thin edge to the material and let it sit and dry before using.

Avoid spilling any nail polish on other areas to avoid discoloring it. Too much nail polish can ruin your jean by making them rigid and less flexible. 

Pinking shears:

Pinking shears are special scissors designed to cut fabrics in a way that prevents fraying. Pinking shears have a zig-zag edge that creates a zig-zag edge on any material to prevent fraying. However, loosely woven fabrics may still fray even after using the pinking shears scissors.


  1. Use an iron-on hem tape: This is a quick solution. It might not be advisable for lightweight materials but works well with heavy fabrics. Preferably, cut a hem tape and be sure the length is similar to the frayed edge. Place the hem tape on the inside of the denim fabric. Use an iron with high heat to press down the interfacing and be sure it is in place before lifting it. Lift the iron every second to prevent burning your jean.


  1.  Use a serger: If you have access to a serger machine, the serger will finish up the frayed edges and make them look neat. If you don’t have a serger make use of a sewing machine with an overlock edge stitch. The stitch looks like the serger equipment in terms of finishing fabrics edges neatly. The only difference is that your machine doesn’t have the trimming feature.


  1. Make use of fabric glue: Fabric glue can stick to any fabric. Fabric glue is permanent and will not fade even when washed in machines. Fabric glue also helps prevent frailness for your distressed jeans. Spread a thin layer of glue on the hemline under each fray. Press down with the gun. It will dry in a secure place. Cut down the edges of your frayed jean before applying the fray gum on your jean. Let it dry up before wearing or washing.


  1. Use a sewing machine: A sewing machine makes the work fast and easy. Prepare your device and run the frayed edges under the machine until they are perfect. Make sure you make use of a matching thread and stitch the outer edge using a zig-zag zag stitch.


  1. Hand stitch: Hand stitch will be best especially if you don’t have a machine. nHand stitch is what they have been using for ages before the machine was created. Hand stitches are also used on thick materials like a canvas that cannot go through the machine. Hand stitching can, however, be time-consuming and take a lot of your time. They come out more beautiful than machine work.  The needle and thread technique has been used over the years, it is the swiftest way of sewing easily. Needles and thread are used as a way to mend clothes easily. Double-tie your knot at the end and make a stitch with your hands. Hand stitch is way more accessible than you think.


  1. Bias tape bound edges: Bias type is a cloth-like material used for taping rough edges of fabrics. You can stop fraying without sewing using bias tape.  You can take a strip of bias and keep it in between the frayed edges of your jean. Bias tape works perfectly on hems and tricky edges.


  1. Sew french seams:  Create a french seam on your frayed edges with a wider seam allowance. A french seam will help you sew and trim off frayed edges without touching the seam.


  1. Interfacing: Using interfacing to cover up your frayed distressed jean will save you money from getting another pair of jeans.  Interfacing will stop your jean from fraying. All you need to do is cut a piece of interfacing and make sure the interfacing is the same size as the edge you want to add the interfacing.


  1. Candle: This is another fast method to get rid of frayed edges. Cut off the long frayed part, light up your candle and burn up the frayed region gently to avoid burning off your jean.


  1. Using a rubber band: This solution is not a permanent solution, but a rubber band can help you keep the frayed edges in place. If you are in a haste to hem, stitch or use fabric glue, try out this rubber band method on your frayed edges.


  1. Dental floss: Dental floss is another homely way to keep the edges of your jean intact. Get dental floss and wrap carefully at the frayed edges, from one particular place to another. The fray should be wrapped around the floss and tied to keep them in position. Once your jeans are washed, the floss will easily slide out and give you your desired hemline.
  2. Fabric sealant:  Fabric sealants are sold at craft shops. Fabric sealant can stop fraying for jeans. All you need to do is get a fabric sealant and seal the edges of your jeans with them. The fabric sealant is applied to the edges with a knife or any flat surfaced tool. The fabric sealant is not going to stick forever. Fabric sealant wears out with every wash, and you can reapply the sealant once it wears out.


  1.  Lighter: You can avoid sewing by using this easy and quick technique to stop your jeans from fraying. Lighter can be used to seal the frayed edges of your jeans by carefully burning the threads and sealing them up at the edges to stop fraying.

How To Stop Frayed Jeans from Fraying?

Denim with good materials will not stretch and fray less. Fraying mostly occur in low-quality jean, and it happens fast. Low-quality jeans do not last like high-quality jeans. It is best to get high-quality jean that takes a very long time to fray.

Keeping the length of your jean intact will keep the threads from fraying too early. Avoid friction and dragging your jean on or off roughly. Footwear also causes friction for your jeans. Select the type of footwear you wear on your already frayed jean. Friction caused by sandals and flip-flops will wear your jean out faster at the edges. Wearing sneakers that fit perfectly will help the frayed edges sit comfortably in your sneakers or boot.

Do Frayed Jeans Fray More? 

Frayed jeans will fray more if you do not find solutions to the fraying. There are particular methods that can stop your jean from fraying. Folding the fraying edge, hemming, stitching the edges. Distressed jeans tend to fray. They are supposed to fray and will continue to look more fray after washing and wearing them. Consistently washing your jean will allow them to get frayed quickly. To stop fraying you can reduce the number of times you wash your jeans to one time a week. If you work in a dirty environment, don’t rely on two pairs of jeans. Buy more jeans that way you don’t repeatedly wear the same jean over again. If you have favorite jeans that you keep repeating and washing to protect the jean from getting really frayed cultivate the habit of not wearing them often like you always do.

How to Stop Jean Fraying at the Crotch.

The crotch and the thigh region is the most vulnerable part of jeans because of the friction that occurs when walking, running or jogging while wearing your jean and this damages the fibre which makes them fray. Fraying at the crotch affects men more than it does women. The following steps can keep your jean from fraying at the crotch;

  1. Tight Jean: Tight jeans are used as a fashion variable this, however, damages the crotch. Wearing comfortable and free jeans protect the jean from getting frayed at the crotch than tight jean.


  1. Wearing the right underwear Boxer shorts for men protects the inner thigh of the jean. Underwear also works for women. You should probably try this out.


  1. Hitching your jeans: Hitching your jean is the right way to protect your jean from fraying. This usually occurs when you want to sit. Hitching your jeans will create more space at the crotch which will protect your jean from fraying at the crotch.


Does Hair Spray Stop fraying?

Hair spray stopping fraying remains a mystery, but it does work perfectly. Spray a little amount across your jean to protect them from fraying. Hair sprays stiffen the fabric and make the wool stick together to prevent them from unravelling easily. The hair spray function depends on the amount of hair spray you used on your jeans and how much hold effect the hair spray product has on the fabric.

 The solution is, however, not a lasting solution because washing your jean washing off the hair spray causes it to lose its hold on the fabric. To stop fraying, you need to keep reapplying hairspray on your jeans.


Reducing damage during cleaning on your denim.

Frays can be prevented when you do things rightly. You can control the damage caused to your jeans. Frayed jeans could be a result of rough handling of your jeans. Check out the following to prevent fraying on your jeans.


  1. Wash your jean when they are visibly very dirty: If you love wearing ripped jeans a lot, note that ripped jeans don’t need to be washed consecutively to prevent them from fraying. Ripped jean washing needs to be scheduled when they are visibly dirty to prevent fraying, which also applies to all jeans. Washing machines are bad for jeans as they cause fraying quickly. Hand washing is the best way to wash your jean to prevent them from fraying. Hand washing is easy on the jeans compared to the rigidity of the machine.


  1. Clip the frayed portion of your jeans: If you don’t have time to handwash, there is still a solution for you. All you need do is clip the frayed area of your jeans with a sock clip that way, they are safe in the washing mashing and would keep them together from causing more damage.


  1. Wash your jean with cold water: To prevent your jean from getting agitated, cold water is the most suitable water for your jean. Use a detergent that will preserve the jean’s color from fraying.


Frayed jeans can be prevented from fraying more by applying different methods of hemming, stitching, and embroidery on the frayed part to make them look more beautiful. There are several easy ways to get a grip on the edges of your frayed jeans. Using fabric gum, need and thread, pinking shears, interfacing, candle, lighter, nail polish, and hem tape won’t stress you,

And you will still get the desired result on your jeans. Fraying jeans do not need to be cleaned more often. Washing your fraying jeans all the time will allow them to fray beyond measure.