How Long Should a Winter Scarf Be?

A Winter scarf can either be crocheted or knitted depending on your desire. However, crochet is easier to work on for a few people than knitting due to the use of needles.

The length of a winter scarf is dependent on the style of the winter scarf, the person’s size, your desired length, and a few other things. Therefore, a winter scarf’s length ranges from 55 to 120 inches long depending on your desire.

Short scarves are within 18 to  55 inches long, medium scarves are between 55 to 75 inches in length, and long scarves are 80 inches upward in length. Let’s take a brief look into all of these factors and other essential things related to the length of a winter scarf.

What Are The Factors That Determines The Length Of A Winter Scarf?

A few factors need to be checked before you start crocheting or knitting your winter scarf, few are major considerations while the rest are minor, although, they are also important.

1. The Length Of The User

This is an important factor that needs to be checked before making a winter scarf as there is a rule of thumb that says” the scarf should be as tall as the user”.

However, you can also go by their wingspan or arm length; which is measuring the length from their left fingertip to their right fingertip when they spread their arms out wide. 

2. The Width of the Scarf

Another important factor is the width. The Length cannot be determined without the width of the scarf, as the scarf will be difficult to wear without a perfect width.

The rule of thumb for the length and width of a scarf says,” the longer a scarf, the wider it should be and the shorter the scarf, the narrower it should be”.

3. Your Desired Size

The length is dependent on your desired size ranging from short, to standard, long and extra long coupled with the snood size which is always smaller than a short size of winter scarf in length. Below is a winter scarf chart, based on the approach.

For Children,

Winter Scarf Size Length in Centimetres. Length in  Inches   
Snood 76  to 89 30 to 35
Short 101 to 114 40 to 45 
Standard  127 to 152 50 to 60
Long  165 to 178 65 to 70
Extra Long 190 to 203  75 to 80

4. Age of the User

The age of the user needs to be put into consideration coupled with gender when it comes to adults. Below is a chart that can be related when looking out for the perfect size of a winter scarf, especially when making an infinity scarf which is mostly used during winter.

Age of The User Length  In  Inches 
4 to 5 years 35 to 40
6 to 10 years 40 to 45
Women 45 to 70
Men 60 to 80

However, you can add a few inches depending on how tall your child is as the chart is drawn based on the average length.

5. The Style

The style you love to wear and how you want to wear it will determine the length of the scarf. You can decide to wrap all over your neck, wrap from the front to the back and allow the ends to tuck into your coat or drape loosely around your neck. All of this is dependent on you and greatly determines the length of the scarf.

An infinity winter scarf can go with the standard length of a winter scarf, a scarf with pockets will need more length, for infinity scarves, go with the standard length of scarves and snood should be a little lower than short scarves in length.

6. Cost

The cost of the yarn you are working with will determine how long you want your winter scarf to be. For example, when working with expensive yarns such as cashmere angora, silk, mohair, and alpaca, or any blended yarn, it is best you make a snood, short or standard winter scarf as they help to keep you warmer than other yarns.

Besides, it will be a waste of resources as a snood cashmere winter scarf will keep you warmer than an infinity wool winter scarf.

7. Stitch Pattern

The stitch pattern you are working with will determine how long your scarf will be. A stitch pattern that requires a longer row will produce a long winter scarf or an extra-long winter scarf.

Other Factors To Be Considered When Crocheting Or Knitting A Winter Scarf?

There are important factors that need to be considered when crocheting or knitting a winter scarf which is clearly different from factors that determine the length of a winter scarf. They include;

1. Go for the Right Yarn

Yarns have different care and maintenance so you must carefully choose a machine-washable yarn that is easy to maintain, especially when you are making winter scarves for children.

Do not go for yarn that triggers allergic reactions when used, you can do thorough research by asking the user the safe yarn to use or which one triggers allergic reactions when they use it. For example, few people react to wool and cotton.

Therefore, the best yarn to go for is acrylic yarn as it does not pose any allergic threats and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

2. Quantity Of Yarn To Use

The number of yarn to use greatly depends on the brand of yarn you are using and the stitch pattern. You can either get helpful tips from the chart below or calculate the number of yarns, using a kitchen scale.                                    

Yarn Thickness Yards of Yarn  You Will Be Needing For A Winter Scarf
Yarn  Weight 1 525-825 Yards
Yarn  Weight 2 450-625 Yards
Yarn  Weight 3 375-500 Yards
Yarn  Weight 4 375-500 Yards
Yarn  Weight 5 250-375 Yards
Yarn  Weight 6 250-375 Yards
Yarn  Weight 7 125-200 Yards

Using a kitchen scale, you will need to create a swatch in the stitch pattern and be aware of the width and length of the winter scarf you are about to crochet as it will help you to determine the number of yarns to use for your winter scarf. However, you must ensure to get extra yarns due to unforeseen circumstances.

The first thing to do is to calculate the area of the swatch and proposed winter scarf by multiplying the length and width of both. Then, divide the area of the proposed scarf by the area of the swatch to get the number of swatches you will be needing for the winter scarf crochet.

You will have to multiply the number by the weight of the swatch, which will give you the total weight of yarn needed to complete your winter scarf project. From this calculation, you can get the number of skeins or balls of yarn to get for the project.

How Wide Should A Winter Scarf Be?

A winter scarf width is between 8 to 10 inches on average as you will need a wider winter scarf for perfect warmth. 

The width of a winter scarf is very easy to determine once the length is known, this can be done by spreading your fingers wide and measuring the distance between the tip of your pinky finger to your thumb’s tip, making sure the measuring tape is passed across your palm. 

However, this method might not be perfect to determine a long scarf width.

Which Crochet Stitch Is Best For A Winter Scarf?

Granite or Moss stitch is the best stitch to use for a winter scarf as it is created by making alternate single crochet and chain stitches.

Which Knit Stitch Is Best For A Winter Scarf?

You can either use a 2×2 rib stitch or seed stitch for your winter scarf as they help to keep you warm. Although  2×2 rib stitch is a bit thicker than seed stitch.

What Is The Best Yarn To Use For A Winter Scarf?

Acrylic yarn can be used for crocheting or knitting winter scarves as they are widely available, less expensive, easy to wash, and have a longer lifespan.

However, when looking for an ideal yarn to use not minding the cost, cashmere, lambswool, merino, and angora are the best to use as they provide the needed warmth during the cold season.


The ideal length for a winter scarf ranges from 55 inches to  120 inches depending on a few factors mentioned above. These factors serve as a check and not a must-follow procedure to crochet a  winter scarf, although, they are very important.

When it comes to crocheting or knitting winter scarves, there is the liberty to get creative with patterns and come up with your convenient length.