Does Bamboo Yarn Block?

Bamboo yarn hails from the Asian bamboo tree, which can be harvested without damage to the tree. The yarn has so many beautiful features beyond your imagination, including its softness and durability;  this gives it an edge over other yarn materials.

The yarn gives a beautiful look after being knitted and blocked. However, the yarn has a high potential of losing its shape after use or after each wash, which is why it is best used for summer clothes and stretchy patterns such as shawls and scarves.

Does Bamboo Yarn Block?

Yes, but more temporal than blocking other yarns as it does not hold shape after being washed due to the yarn’s softness. However, the yarn should be blocked carefully as it is more delicate than acrylic yarn and stretches a lot.

How Best Do I Block Bamboo Yarn?

Bamboo yarn is not blocked like every other yarn, as it stretches and cannot withstand hot temperatures because of its texture. Follow the simple process below to temporarily block your bamboo yarn, which can be done using two methods.

1. Pin Method
  • Lay your bamboo-finished fabric on a flat surface or a board mat.
  • Pin the edges of your finished bamboo fabric to give you your desired size and shape.
  • Pin every side and curve that need to be shaped.
  • Spray the finished fabric with water to make it damp.
  • Allow the garments to dry up before removing the pins.
  • Your finished bamboo fabric is shaped.
2. Pinless Method
  • Lay your bamboo-finished fabric on a flat surface or a board mat.
  • Use your hand to shape it into your desired shape and size instead of using pins.
  • Place a damp towel on the fabric for four to 5 hours allowing the water to penetrate the fabric.
  • Remove the damp cloth and allow the bamboo fabric to get dried.

However, bamboo is the most frustrating yarn to block as it shows that it has been blocked after the process, but after being worn, it loses its shape again.

Therefore, you should use it for attires that do not require a perfect shape to look beautiful such as shawls.

How Important Is It For Me To Block A Knitted Bamboo Yarn?

Bamboo yarn is not a crucial yarn to block as it tends to lose shape, so you should take note of these few things discussed below when knitting your bamboo yarn. This will save you the stress of worrying about blocking your yarn after knitting.

  • Make use of patterns meant for bamboo yarn alone. (Download crochet and knitting bamboo yarn patterns online).
  • Use bamboo needles or wooden needles when working with bamboo yarn, as it will save you the stress of picking slipped stitches.
  • Hang knitted bamboo yarn fabrics before measuring them to get the perfect length, as the yarn is heavy yarn that stretches at will.

What Can I Use Bamboo Yarn For?

Bamboo yarns can only be used for a few things except if blended with cotton yarns. They  can  be used for several things, such as;

  • Baby garments and accessories.
  • Summer tops.
  • Shawls
  • Scarves.
  • Lightweight cardigans.
  • Dishcloths, but it loses shape when wet.    

What Benefits Do I Derive From  Using  Bamboo  Yarn?

The bamboo yarn has the following attributes that have benefitted users.

  • Bamboo yarn is soft, smooth, and strong, forming a wonderful drape.
  • The natural yarn is light weighted and lasts long as it has high resistance against ultraviolet rays.
  •  It does not fade out easily.
  • The yarn is durable and does not encourage bacterial growth.
  • The yarn has no risk of allergies, and it is best used for people who have wool or cotton allergies.
  • The bamboo yarn has a unique shine compared to other yarns.

What Demerit Do I Get From Using Bamboo Yarn?

The bamboo yarn could be very frustrating for a few fabric patterns as the disadvantages could stop you from using it.

  • The yarn has a strong inelastic mode.
  • It loses shape easily. 
  • It loses shape and strength when soaked in water.
  • It is highly susceptible to mildew because of its natural source.

Can I Wash My Knitted Bamboo Yarn?

Yes. Bamboo yarn can be washed by hand and a washer, although it might shrink or get big by losing shape after each wash.

Do I Need To Block Acrylic Yarn Project Each Time I Wash?

Yes, as the yarn tends to lose shape after each wash. However, it is not a must, especially when using bamboo yarn blended with other yarns, such as cotton.

How Do I Maintain My Bamboo Yarn Knit Without Having To Block After Each Wash?

Knitted bamboo yarn is easy to maintain if you wash it once in a while, but this must be done using a delicate cycle when washing with a washing machine, although it will later shrink. The normal cycle will make it bigger after being washed.

The yarn should be dried on a flat surface as it tends to increase in length when hung to dry due to its heavy weight.

What Material Is Bamboo Yarn  Made Of?

Bamboo yarn is a natural cellulose fiber extracted and processed from the natural woody bamboo plant. Therefore it can be processed by either applying chemicals to it, allowing the bamboo stalks to break down naturally, or by physically crushing the bamboo stalks and allowing them to break down naturally.

Is Bamboo Yarn Expensive To Purchase?

No. Bamboo yarn is not as expensive as people assume it to be, as it is derived from natural sources. However, the price depends on the brand, but on average, you can still get  8 skeins of continuo bamboo yarn on amazon.

Can You Crochet With Bamboo Yarn?

Yes. Crocheting projects can be made with bamboo yarn as it is very soft.

How Do I Crochet With Bamboo Yarn?

Bamboo yarn can be tricky to crochet with because of its softness and splitting nature, but it can be crocheted in as much as you are patient.

Materials Needed:

Step One: Hold  Your Crochet  Hook

When working with a crochet hook, you have to hold it, either with a pencil grip or knife grip, just to ensure you are comfortable with how you are holding it.

Step Two: Place Your Bamboo Yarn Properly

Bamboo yarn is a slippery 3-ply yarn with a high tendency to split and slip when crocheting with it, requiring the proper holding of the yarn.

Using your other hand, place your bamboo yarn between your fingers by coiling the yarn b around your pinkie finger, then allow it to go through the middle and ring finger and finally bring it over the index finger. The yarn is held that way to allow proper tension on it, preventing it from splitting and slipping. 

Step Three: Crochet

Crochet the bamboo yarn the exact way you crochet other yarn except for loop yarn, as there is a no different method used in crocheting the yarn.

Simply tie a slip knot, make a chain, and the second one, continue until you have a series of rows, and finish the crochet by sealing the end with a slip knot.


The bamboo yarn has become popular over time because of its sustainable nature. However, only some yarn users often find 100% bamboo yarn frustrating because of its stretchy attribute and tendency to lose shape even after blocking, so they would instead use a bamboo blended yarn.

The best bamboo blended yarn to use is the one combined with cotton. Therefore, it is a wrong choice to use for a beginner as it can leave you frustrated, finding crafting work challenging to learn.