How Long and Wide Should a Crochet Scarf Be?

A crochet scarf is a very ideal and fun crochet project for crocheters with any level of skill, it’s so easy that even beginners can practice their skills by making crochet scarfs for themselves and their loved ones. There are a wide variety of styles and stitches you can use for your scarf. Before getting … Read more

Are Crochet Blankets Warm?

Crochet blankets are beautiful, unique, and very versatile, similar to all other blankets they are supposed to provide warmth for the body whenever used. However, most often wonder if they provide warmth at all due to the number of holes in them. Since it’s known that when one feels cold, you put on warm clothes, … Read more

Are Crochet Blankets Safe for Babies?

Crocheted blankets are always fun to make but crocheted baby blankets are even more fun and faster as they don’t take too much of your time. Crochet baby blankets are one of the best and most thoughtful gifts for newborns. They’re a variety of baby blanket patterns to choose from and not only are these … Read more

Should I Use Pinking Shears On My Project?

Pinking shears are a saw-toothed version of the regular scissors used in cutting to avoid fabric fraying and trimming edges. Pinking shears aren’t necessarily a basic sewing tool but they make a great addition to your sewing tools especially if you make garments from time to time. Pinking shears serve a decorative function too asides … Read more

How Does Fabric Glue React When Washed?

Fabric glue is used to attach embellishments, beads and any form of designs to fabrics instead of sewing, it also helps that it’s a very fast method. There are very strong and effective fabric glues that are even used to fix hems, pockets, and little tears. Depending on its formula, fabric glue can either permanently … Read more

Are Crochet Toys Safe for Cats?

Cats love toys and not only are toys perfect for developing their minds but they also get the cats to express their playfulness and feel happy. There are a variety of crochet toys available that are so cute with lovely patterns and designs that compels you to get one or more for your cat pet. … Read more

Why Your Crochet Rows Get Shorter

  While you’re working on your project and you discover that its rows are significantly getting shorter and it keeps narrowing as it goes up, although it’s quite frustrating you should know that this kind of issue is what you come across along your crocheting adventure, it happens to both the experienced and beginner crocheters. … Read more