Can You Wash A Yarn Afghan?


Afghans are blankets or shawls either made from being knitted or crocheted with yarn. However, only a few people are now using the technique to make a  sweater or a top, but that is not our primary concern for this article as we need to know if these blankets and shawls made from the yarn can be washed.


Your Afghan Yarn can be cleaned either by hand washing or with a washing machine which is greatly determined by the type of yarn wool used.


Let us wash.

How To Hand Wash My Afghan Yarn?

Afghan yarn is simple to wash; you must follow the process and not wash it as you do regular clothing.

Materials Needed.
  • A lot of Towels.
  • Mil washing detergent.
  • Table Cloth.
Tools Needed
  • Wash basin.


Step One:  Wash Your Afghan Yarn

Add your mild detergent into the wash basin filled with cold water and mix evenly before placing the yarn into the water.


Allow the yarn to stay in the water for a few minutes, then run your hand through the afghan yarn in an upward and downward manner without scrubbing it, allowing dirt to come off it without deforming the crochet blank or shawl.


Carefully squeeze the Afghan yarn to allow the soapy water to drain out of the material.


Step Two: Rinse Your Afghan Yarn.

Pour away the soapy water and replace it with clean cold water to rinse the yarn by gently swishing it in an upward and downward manner till the yarn is free of soap, even if it takes you to rinse it three times. 


Step Three: Get The Afghan Yarn Out Of The Water.

Remove your afghan yarn from the water, squeeze it out gently, roll it up in a dry towel, and press the towel to absorb the water in the yarn.


However, if you are washing a blanket, you might not have a towel that will be able to absorb the water, so what you will do is hold it over the wash basin until the water drains out of it before rolling it in a towel for absorption of water.


Step Four: Lay  It Flat.

Lay a table cloth followed by a  dry towel on a flat surface big enough to accommodate the towel and your afghan yarn before laying your shawl or blanket on it for easy drying.


Replace the towel and probably the tablecloth with dry ones if they are wet, and continue the drying process. Once a side of the blanket or shawl is dry, turn it to the other side for even drying.


Step Five: Reshape Your Afghan Yarn.

While your afghan yarn is undergoing the dry process, reshape it for it to return to its former position, as failure to do that before the afghan wool dries completely will result in the yarn maintaining its current position once it dries up, especially when you are washing a top, shawl or a sweater.


Step Six: Let it Dry Completely.

Allow your afghan yarn to maintain that flat position to complete its drying process, and change the towel if needed( if it gets wet).


Can I Wash An Afghan Yarn In A Washing Machine?

Yes, you can, as it is needed whenever you are washing a big blanket which might be difficult for you to handle because of the added weight due to the water.


You must follow specific rules while washing with your washer, as hand washing is still the best option for cleaning your afghan yarn.

What Rules Are To Guide Me When Washing  Your Afghan Yarn With A Washer?

You must take note of these few things before you wash Afghan yarn in a washer  and they are:

  •  Only wash in a washing machine that has no central agitator.
  • Make use of cold water.
  • The ideal setting for your washer is the typical/delicate washing cycle.
  • Place your afghan yarn in a big soft lingerie bag to prevent the fabric from getting tangled. 

How To Wash An Afghan Blanket With A Washing Machine?

I will show you how to wash your blanket with a washing machine, as you are not expected to wash any other yarn clothing with the afghan blanket.


 Besides, washing the afghan blanket with your hand might not be sufficient to get rid of the dirt, and for you to clean with a washing machine, you need to stick to the rules as the washer might destroy the form of the yarn, thereby reshaping your afghan wool to a style you surely will not like. Follow the procedures below to get your blanket washed.

Step One: Know Your Blanket.

Afghan made of cotton yarns and acrylic yarns are safe for you to wash in the washer, and you need to know the washing requirements of your Afghan wool, which you can get from your blanket’s tag.


However, if your blanket is self-made, know the washing requirements for the yarn, such as the washer setting(either regular or delicate depending on your type of washer), the water temperature, and the type of detergent to use( mild).


Step Two: Wash.

Fill the washer with cold water and mild detergent, setting your washer to the ideal requirement of your yarn and adding a  fabric softener to help your afghan material, but it all depends on the yarn quality and type. Wash the blanket alone without any other soft or hard clothing to prevent tangles.


Step Three: Rinse And Dry.

Rinse your blanket in the washer and bring it out of the washer to air dry it on a flat surface (just the way you dried your hand wash afghan yarn), as the dryer might allow it to lose its form. However, you can dry synthetic rope in a dryer.


How Often Should I Wash My Afghan Yarn?

This depends on how frequently it is being used. If you have an Afghan blanket or shawl used only during summer, wash it after summer, and if your blanket is used for all seasons, dust it every month and spread it outside but wash it every three months to prevent the building of bacteria.


What Are The Best Yarn Used for Afghans?

Only some yarn can be used to make an Afghan, as the durability of the yarn is essential for the longevity of the Afghan blanket and shawl. Such yarns are:


  • Caron Cotton Cakes Yarn which is machine washable.


  • Lion Brand Baby Soft Yarn is a soft acrylic and nylon yarn used for afghans and can be machine washed.


  • Red Heart Soft Yarn is a 100% acrylic yarn that is not expensive and machine washable.


  • Biggo Yarn is a  bulky yarn that can be washed and dried with a washer and dryer on low heat.


  • Red Heart Baby Hugs is an acrylic yarn mainly used for baby blankets and can withstand the tumbling of the washing machine.


  • Lion Brand feels Like Butta is a 100% yarn that fits into the category of yarn wool used for afghan knitting or crocheted works.


  • Bernat Blanket Yarn is a very soft polyester with a  super bulky weight and is machine washable.


  • Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick And Quick Yarn is an 80 % acrylic and 20% yarn that can be used for afghan and washed with a machine.


Afghans are specially made clothes that are not washed or dried as your regular clothes but have a unique technique of being washed which must not be overlooked as failure to adhere to the washing requirements and procedure will ruin your beautifully colored afghan garment or blanket.


It would help if you also noted that not all yarn wool is fit to make an afghan garment, as some are not durable and cannot be machine-washed.


Happy Washing!!!