Can You Reuse Yarn After Blocking?


The term “Blocking” sounds like you are obstructing someone or something, but how come we use that exact term in knitting and crocheting class?


I had to ask that question on my third attendance in arts and craft class from my instructor, and she gave me a great answer which I will share with you.


Blocking in art and craft class is the art of moisturizing your knitted or crocheted project upon completion to shape it, although it is not permanent, as you can reuse your yarn after that.


She gave me a dual response as she told me I could reuse my yarn after the blocking process, and I will be sharing with you everything I learned in the class and what I have learned over time practicing it.

How Do I Unblock My Blocked  Knitted Yarn?

Blocking is not a permanent method of shaping your knitted yarn, so you won’t have to go through any particular procedure to unblock it. All you have to do is put your knitted wool in the water, scrub and drain it and allow it to dry without shaping it before reusing it. (only for wet blocking).


What Benefit Will I Derive From Unblocking My Yarn?

The only benefit you will derive from unblocking any yarn is the ability to reuse it, which will save you the cost of purchasing a new one, provided you are not interested in the former knitted design or there is a cause for adjustment.

What Method Of Yarn Blocking Is  Easy To Unblock?

Wet blocking, spray blocking, and spray blocking are easy to unblock, unlike steam blocking, which is always used for delicate wool materials and is permanent.


Wet blocking is used chiefly for natural fibers and can be done by soaking in water and shaping it to your desired shape while allowing it to dry, which can be unblocked by the same process but has to be scrubbed while washing for it to lose its shape.


Spray blocking is a fast way of blocking which can be used on garments by spraying the garment with lukewarm water and holding it down with pins to shape it, and can be unblocked by stretching the cloth while wearing it or unblocking it by scrubbing it in the water.


Dry blocking does not need any material for blocking and unblocking as it requires that you fold and unfold your knitted projects to shape them, and it is easy to unblock as you only need to use the project to get it to lose its form.

How Do I Lose An Unblocked  Knitted Yarn?

After your wet unshaped, or unblocked knitted yarn is dry, you can go through the following steps to lose the knitted wool and make it worthwhile.


  • Locate the finishing seam of the knitted fabric.


  • Once you have located it, unpick the seam and cut, pulling out the strand of yarn connecting the pieces of knitted wool.


  • Wind the strand of yarn as you pull it out into a ball to prevent tangling or wind around the back of your chair or a winder from forming a hank of yarn.


  • If you wound the yarn stands into a ball, you will still have to wound it on a winder or the back of your chair to form a hank.


  • Tie the end of the yarn and the adjacent end with a thread of another color to make the end visible and prevent it from tangling.


  • Soak your hank of yarn in a bowl filled with water at room temperature for 1 hour.


  • Stretch the yarn while in the water to remove the curl due to the knitting pattern.


  •  Squeeze out the water from the hank of yarn by pressing it gently to allow the water to drain out.


  • Place on a dry towel for further removal of water and later on a hanger to facilitate the draining of water and the drying process.


  • Once completely dry, remove the tie and carefully wind it into a ball of yarn without stretching it.


  • Your yarn is ready for use.

How Do I Work With A Used Yarn?

There is no difference between working with a new yarn and an old yarn apart from that one is unique, and the other is old as it requires the same technique to work with it.

What Do I Use A Loose Yarn For?

There should be a purpose for losing your knitted yarn before you embark on it, and if you do not have any, I will kindly share with you options that you can choose from.

  • A new style of garments can be knitted with the yarn based on your desire.


  • You can use them to learn new patterns of knitting or crocheting, especially if you are new in the art and craft world.


  • You can make pompoms and Christmas ornaments with yarn.


  • Decorations can be made with them for your newly knitted designs.


  • New scarves, socks, and head warmer can be knitted with it.


  • They can be used for gift wrappings or for embroidery designs.


  • The loosed yarn can be used to mend knitted garments.


  • You can save it for future purposes, as it might be needed whenever you are short of that same color of yarn.


  • They can be used to make hair accessories for children and adults, depending on the size, such as hair bows and baby headbands.


  • You can use them to make accessories such as key holders and necklaces.


  • Tablecloths, dish clothes, flower bouquets, and toys can be made with them.  


Will My Yarn Shrink After UnBlocking?

No. Your yarn will be more relaxed and more extensive as it will regain the 5% to 10 % yarn that shrank due to blocking.


Will Washing Undo Blocking?

Yes, provided the yarn is not made of plastic, such as acrylic yarn, and is not being steam blocked. Moreover, the perfect way to unblock is to scrub the knitted garment, just like washing your clothes.

Can I Unblock An Acrylic Yarn?

No. Most acrylic yarns are impossible to unblock as the method of blocking used on them is steam blocking, which uses heat to shape the yarn made from plastic fibers, making the blocking permanent.

How Long Will It Take Me To Unblock My Yarn?

Unblocking takes almost the same time as blocking will do due to the time spent drying the knitted yarn.

How Long Will It Take Me To Loose My Knitted Yarn?

It depends on the style of the knitted yarn you are losing, as the time to lose a sweater differs from the time spent on getting a blanket loosed.



You do not have to get worried when you make a mistake while knitting your garment, or you want to redesign your attire as a blocked garment can be reused provided it is not steam-blocked on delicate material.


All that is required of you is to unblock it, lose the knitted garment, and re-use it based on your desire.