Can You Crochet With Jumbo Yarn?

Jumbo yarn is widely used these days and its large size makes it work up quickly making your crocheting easy and fast, especially when the item is needed in a hurry. 

It is ultimately possible to crochet with Jumbo yarn. Jumbo yarn is a yarn of weight #7 also known as roving yarn. It came into existence in 2014 through the creation of the American Craft Yarn Council (CYC).

The yarn weight is in 8 categories ranging from size 0-7 (thinnest to thickest) of lace to jumbo making jumbo the last in the weight category by the name implies to be the thickest of all yarns.

Also, the jumbo yarn has a symbol of 7 and its gauge is 6 stitches and lesser in every 4 inches and is worked with using a size 17 (12.75mm) knitting needle or a larger US knitting needle. We all find it enjoyable to make a quick project and crocheting with the jumbo yarn weight #7 allows you have quick work.

What I Can Use Jumbo Yarn For?

It is best to allow your mind the opportunity to be creative and bring this creativity into reality. Crocheting with jumbo yarn, you can create whatever you think and desire. However, for a proper guide, we bring you the 9 best items you can crochet using jumbo yarn weight #7:

1. Blankets

For a chilly winter day, the perfect moment is that which includes having a handmade blanket on your couch. Wow! Who wouldn’t love this? Blankets are made from any yarn weight category but using the jumbo yarn weight gives your crocheted woven blanket a perfect, unique, and excellent stitch definition making it even more durable, extra cozy, and comfy for use. It also works fast for a timed project.

2. Pillows

To compliment a beautiful blanket, you wouldn’t mind wrapping up yourself in your blanket and also laying your head down on a thin, aesthetic, and feathery plush pillow, do you? You can crochet your pillows and make covers for the ones you already have instead of giving you a classic, chunky knit, and plush pillow and cover.

3. Cowls

Cowls are the short or smaller version of infinity scarves and making cowls with arm knitting and finger crocheting gives a beautiful rectangular design making it pretty easy to have the desired project.

Note that cowls can be made traditionally using crochet hooks and needles with jumbo yarn making them quick to work up and comfortable to use as these even give the oversized cowls.

4. Ottoman or Floor Poufs

Ottoman or floor poufs are beautiful room or office accessories that can be finger crocheted. Crocheting them with jumbo yarn allows you to have them made in no time as the yarn weight #7 is fast to use reducing the stress and time consumed.

5. Baskets

Baskets are quick to work up with jumbo yarn like the cowls. They can be made using finger crochet or traditionally with crochet hooks and knitting needles. It is best as the jumbo yarn makes it more durable and allows the basket the strength to stand up straight.

Unlike using the thinner yarn weight, you do not have to double the yarn strands to have a durable basket, it is very thick to stay in place. The baskets can be used at home or office to hold your WIPs or used to package gifts for people.

6. Hats

The jumbo yarn allows you have a quick hat project. You can add a pom-pom at the top for a beautiful touch. These hats can be worn during summer to warm the body or to compliment your outfit.

7. Granny Sweat Sweaters (Blanket Sweaters)

Blanket sweaters are now trendy and considered to be fashionable, classic, and comfortable to wear. Crocheting a granny sweat sweater using the jumbo yarn weight #7 is a great idea if you do not want an oversized sweater.

The jumbo yarn gives it a larger and perfect twist. Making a granny sweat sweater isn’t a difficult task with your knowledge on how to make a grand square motif (read more online and watch youtube videos on how to make a grand square motif).

8. Poncho

Blanket sweaters are great but making a Poncho is however ideal for more flexible, trendy, and comfy wear. A Poncho is a blanket or sleeveless garment with a middle slit that allows you to slip it over your head.

Using a jumbo yarn weight for this makes it delightful and beautiful that you just always want to wear now and then.

9. Decors and Accessories

Do you have a big plan for the festive season or holidays? Do you wish to have classic and trendy home or office decors that are fashionable? The best idea for your big decorations and plans is items made with jumbo yarn weight #7 that allows you to have beautiful decorations and accessories.

Using the jumbo yarn weight allows you to work up quickly and create items for the home, kids, family, and friends in a jiffy.

Which Technique Is Best When Using Jumbo Yarn?

Using jumbo yarn, there are two techniques or methods best for a beautiful and perfect project making, they are using hook and needles or finger crocheting and arm knitting.

Finger crocheting and arm knitting are techniques to share with everyone with the same knitting and crocheting methods but using your fingers and arms instead of the regular technique of using hooks or needles. It is considered to be a technique that allows you to use what you have to create project items that beautifully stand out with no special material or tools required.

The technique of finger crocheting and arm knitting allows you to have visible stitches with perfect stitch definition. These techniques are best for fundamental show-off (you can learn more online if you’re new to these techniques as there are online tutorials and even specific pattern guides for projects using these techniques).

Are There Tips For Working With Jumbo Yarn?

Of course, there are a few things to guide you while you work up projects using the jumbo yarn weight #7. The following are the needed tips to work with jumbo yarn:

  • To work with the jumbo yarn weight, it requires a large knitting needles or crochet hook of US size 50/25 mm knitting needle or size Q/15 mm crochet hook.
  • You’ll need a yarn needle along with a larger hook for weaving in the ends of the project. The yarn needle should be able to accommodate the jumbo yarn. An example of a yarn needle that works is with the eyes running the total needle length and allowing the yarn to pass through easily.
  • How do you finish the project? This is another question to ask yourself. The ends of the jumbo yarn come out easily unlike when using a worsted yarn weight or even thinner. However, this is best achieved by splitting the yarn while you weave the ends in to make it stick to itself and keep it in place preventing it from unraveling.
  • Choosing a jumbo yarn weight with at least an amount of wool (blend) allows the yarn to feel itself which tends to reduce the issue of the stitch’s ends coming out of the project.
  • Lastly, do not forget the gauge. In knitting every project, it is important to always put into consideration the gauge. If this isn’t first done, the project end may be smaller or larger than the desired or planned size. 

Note: the stitch in a jumbo yarn is larger than that of worsted yarn weight and if you miss a stitch or add up to the stitch in the inch, it is possible that you end up with extra or fewer inches at the end. 


The jumbo yarn is a thick yarn weight best for extra cozy, comfortable, and beautiful projects. It allows you to have visible and perfect stitch definition whether using hooks and needles or arm knitting and finger crocheting. 

The yarn weight #7 is popular as it allows you to work up projects that are quickly met up with hurry requirements. Crocheting with jumbo yarn is fun and enjoyable. The jumbo yarn weight #7 is the perfect yarn choice for classic and trendy wear, home and office decor, and other accessories.

If you found this piece perfect, share it with friends, family, colleagues, and fellow crocheters.