Can You Crochet During Jury Duty?

The thing with jury duty is that apart from fulfilling a civic duty, you also get to be involved in one of the most essential parts of the nation’s legal system, which is cool. But the thought of leaving your crochet duty for some time for jury duty might leave you feeling nervous

And concerned that would you end up finishing the project at hand on time and since you’ve most likely heard about the long period of waiting involved in jury selection, you might be thinking about just making use of the time judiciously.

If as a crocheter you’ve ever wondered or you’re still wondering if it’s possible to crochet during jury duty, you’re in luck today because that’s what we will be fully discussing in this article. Read on to find out the answer and many other things you need to know.

Can You Crochet During Jury Duty?

While some courthouses allow you to bring crochet hooks some don’t. And to know the ones that do is better to call the courthouse ahead or check its website for a list of prohibited items. And while you may be allowed to crochet while waiting to undergo selection in the assembly room,

Once you’ve been selected to actively serve as a juror on a trial then you aren’t allowed at all to crochet during the trial same as if you’re called into the courthouse for voir dire, you’re expected to pay full concentration to the questions being asked so you won’t be allowed to crochet.

What You Should Know Before Bringing Your Crochet To Jury Duty

You should know that checking your county courthouse website and seeing that crochet hooks aren’t among the list of prohibited items doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be allowed when you get to the courthouse. Some courthouses might deny it entry after seeing it physically on the basis that it can be used as a weapon to hurt others in court.

In addition, you should also know that apart from the courthouse, the entry of your crochet hook will also be determined by the guard on duty as the rules are sometimes subjected to interpretation by the guard on duty. Some crocheters have said they were allowed entry with their crochet hook in the morning but as they went and returned from lunch break the hook was confiscated.

And some said their crochet hook was not allowed to enter from the start but they saw that some people were allowed to enter with their crochet hook in the same courthouse. If you happen to be in the latter situation, you can just go back to the guard on security and complain with reasons, your crochet hook might just be given entry.

You should also know that your crochet hook might be refused entry if its tip is too thin on the basis that it could be used as a weapon so avoid bringing crochet hooks with extremely thin crochet hooks.

In situations when you don’t know the fate of your crochet hook with the courthouse, it’s advised to go early so you can park closer to the courthouse. This way you can quickly go keep your hook in the car if it’s not allowed instead of throwing it out or keeping it with other prohibited items in a bin for courthouses that have it.

These options are not the best because you’re most likely never going to find the hook you just threw out or someone else might pick your crochet hook from the bin of prohibited items mistakenly or not. Additionally, you will likely need to pass through a metal detector, so it’s recommended that you go to the courthouse with a wooden, plastic, or bamboo crochet hook. This kind of hook won’t trigger the alarm of the metal detector and the guard on duty might just allow you to go through.

If you’re packing to crochet while on jury duty, don’t even try to bring scissors at all as they’re most likely going to be prohibited whether they are sharp or dull-tipped. Bring with you other options to substitute for scissors, you can take nail clippers, it’s allowed by the majority of courthouses and you can use them to cut your yarn or a dental floss container.

The type that has a metal bar on top to cut floss will also be granted entry and you can use it to cut yarn. You can look around your home to see if you will find any items that aren’t noticed that you can bring to the courthouse and can still serve the yarn cutting function.

What Are The Alternative Ways To Pass The Time?

The following includes what you can do apart from crocheting during jury duty to while away your time:

– Read

You can bring the books you’re interested in reading along with you to the courthouse. It might even be a magazine or the newspaper, the books might even be about crocheting if you love reading then this is another way you can pass time on jury duty and courthouses don’t prohibit printed materials.

– Listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks

Another way to spend your time is by listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts on your phone or iPod, most courthouses allow you to bring these devices. Make sure you go along with your headphones or earphones.

– Get some work done

You’re also allowed to bring tablets and laptops, so you can use that time to get something done so you won’t have to come back to anything at the end of your jury duty.. and if you’re a writer you can get some writing done too if possible.

What Are The Tips For A Smooth Jury Duty Experience?

Listed below are some tips to help you have a good jury duty experience. They include:

  • Food is essential as well as water, bring snacks and water along with you. Most of your time will be spent sitting down waiting for the juror selection and you’re bound to get hungry.
  • Exercise patience to have a smooth jury duty experience as the whole thing can be tiring because jurors spend a long period waiting in the assembly. So that’s why you should bring something with you to use to pass time.
  • Bring some cash with you might need it for parking or getting something to eat and drink for lunch.
  • Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with others, you might have a great time chatting with your fellow jurors and finding mutual connections.



Some courthouses can allow you to be your hook and crochet while waiting during the selection process, but you can’t while the trial is ongoing. And some won’t even allow you to bring a crochet hook inside the courthouse at all, the court made the rules so you’ve got to stick by these rules to avoid losing your precious crochet hook.

So avoid giving the security guards that are just doing their work by enforcing these rules any form of attitude. Apart from crocheting, there are other productive things you can do to pass time.