Can Posca Pen Be Used on Fabric?

Due to the massive wide range that the Posca pen offers, numerous questions have been asked by many users and lovers of art.  One of these questions is if the Posca pen can be used on fabrics which is why we made provision of this article which will be explicitly discussing the possibility of making use of your Posca pen on fabrics.

Your Posca pen can be successfully used on your fabric. This excellent pen is designed with a high level of versatility without losing its outstanding performance quality on numerous surfaces, including various fabrics.

While your Posca pen will give you an excellent result on your fabric when used straight away, there are different additional tricks to improve the result of the artwork design on your fabrics. 

How To Use Posca Pens On Fabric For Excellent Results

These methods are cheap, quick, and can be simply implemented. They will be worthy of the little time and effort you will be putting in as the result will be an improvement to your artistic creations. This process includes.

1. Pin your Fabric

The first step is to clip your fabric to a sturdy base to ensure your fabric remains firm and totally stretched when you do the writing. There will be no need for you to buy any item to get this done.

It can easily be done by attaching a card to the back of your fabric after which you can effortlessly make use of a peg to make sure it remains firmly in place. 

If you’re intending to work on a T-shirt, it is advisable to insert the card in between the shirt before pinning it in place. This process will ensure your cloth stays in place while you make use of your Posca pen.

It also makes sure your coloring line is precise and constant. The card in between your shirt will control your pen from ghosting and bleeding through the front and back of your cloth. 

2. Dab Your Posca Pens

To bring the most out of your Posca pens while using them on fabric, by easily dabbing them on a card. This process will increase the wetness of the Posca pen nib and provide an excellent performance due to the dryness attribute of fabrics.

Making use of a Posca pen with a dry nib on a dry fabric can make your project more difficult and messy.

Place your pen nib on the card or paper then press the barrel down by applying minimal pressure. By doing this a couple of times, your Posca pen nib becomes wet with colour and is perfect to be used.

If your Posca markers have not been used for a long time, it is advisable to shake the marker for up to 10 seconds before dabbing them to ensure the paint gets perfectly mixed by the mixing unit in the barrel before they get soaked at the nib of your pen.

After going through this process, you’ll discover that your pen produces a better performance when you draw on your fabric. It is important to take note that the Posca pen cannot automatically replicate the amount of pigment in its nib as dabbing does which means you might want to repeat the dabbing process constantly as you work to maintain and increase the pen performance.

3. Trace Your Design

Many people are curious and sceptical about using the Posca pen on different fabrics. depending on what you’re planning on your fabric, you can easily print out your preferred design or drawing you wish to put on your fabric, position it perfectly under your fabric and then trace it out with your Posca pen.

This method will mostly benefit Posca pen admirers that are not accustomed to the arts and crafts community and just want to customize their fabric for an event. Experts in drawing and design can also benefit from this trick as it provides an additional edge to showcase their creativity. 

4. Wash Your Fabric

If you’re planning to customize a fabric that has been previously worn, it is advisable to properly wash the fabric before working on it. The human body is designed to produce and release oil to protect itself and could have been easily transferred to your ready-worn fabric which could cause problems to your design.

Washing your fabric before designing also ensures the fabric is clean from dirt and contaminants that might have been present on it. After washing your fabric, you should also make sure that it gets totally dried up before working on it. A wet fabric will make your  Posca pen malfunction which could destroy your fabric. 

How Can I Seal Posca Pen On Clothes?

After designing your fabric, you can make use of the iron to seal your design on your fabric. The ironing should be done at a high temperature with no steam which would merge the Posca pen paints with your fabric and helps in solidifying the pen’s permanent properties applied to the fabric.

There are other products that can also be used to seal the Posca pen design to your cloth including a fabric guard but unlike making use of your iron, it is not recommended as the product is not specifically designed to be applied on a fabric you’ll be wearing. 

Are Posca Pens Waterproof on Clothes?

The Posca pens are waterproof on a variety of surfaces and their waterproof ability is expected to stick to different types of fabrics thanks to their inbuilt waterproof properties. Your designed cloth should not encounter any issues in the rain and doesn’t require any additional steps to keep it intact.

However, If your designed fabric is going to be frequently exposed to water you can follow the above mention procedure by sealing your Posca pen design with the iron. 

Are Posca Pen Permanent on Clothes?

While the majority of the Posca pen makes use for temporary programs and events, the longevity of the pen on fabrics is long-lasting. Posca pen designs become permanent once it becomes dry thanks to their specially made ink formula which can remain intact for decades.

In other to achieve this quality result with your design, it is important to let the main marker ink dry up before inputting extra layers into your design. 

Can Posca Pen Be Removed From Clothes?

While the pen has permanent and waterproof qualities, you can get it removed from your fabric with multiple washing processes with a detergent. While it might require you to repeat the washing procedure consistently, the ink will subsequently begin to fade and eventually get cleaned from your fabric. 


With the increase in the number of Posca pen users all over the globe, there are users who all want to create beautiful designs on different types of fabrics.

By reading this article till the end our readers should have improved knowledge about the Posca pen and how it works. Readers should also have learned about the different methods that could be applied with your Posca pen to achieve an outstanding creative result.