Can I Use Polyester Thread for Quilting?

As a quilter, you might get confused about which thread to acquire when shopping for a quilting thread.  While the cotton thread is traditionally preferred in the quilting world the polyester thread has attained the limelight for a while which is why many quilters have been curious if it is a great choice to carry out their quilting projects. 

Even when its popularity has been rapidly growing, some quilters still believe the polyester thread is not suitable for quilting due to the misconception that has been around for a while that quilting on cotton fabrics with the polyester thread will result in the thread cutting into your fabric resulting in holes in your quilt top. 

In this article, we will finally be providing the long-awaited answer to if you can actually use the polyester thread for quilting without causing any damage to your fabric while maintaining a perfect quilting result. 

Can I Use Polyester Thread for Quilting?

The polyester thread is an excellent thread choice for your quilting project. Apart from its outstanding look, the polyester thread possesses lots of excellent attributes that make it worth considering for your quilting projects. Many quilters use the polyester thread in different phases of quilting such as piecing, quilting, and binding.

Quilt enthusiast has debunked the old rumour about polyester thread cutting into fabrics. This was properly tested by the cautious study of quilts dated back to the 1950s which marks the era when quilters make use of the polyester thread for their quilts. It was revealed that the polyester thread did not break into the fabric even after 50 years and more. 

With little or no verification that the polyester thread can actually cut into the fabric when used, we can only take look at the qualities of the thread. When used in quilting, the polyester thread provides an additional sturdy and makes it long-lasting. The polyester thread has also gone through a major evolution from what it used to be which has resulted in improved quality.

Can I Use Polyester Thread on Cotton Fabric?

The polyester thread will work perfectly on cotton fabric. You won’t find any evidence which says otherwise and the stale belief that the polyester thread will rip through the cotton fabric has been discovered to be untrue.

While it is kind of the quilting culture to make use of the same thread as the fabric ie cotton thread on cotton fabric, it might not always work due to some factors. There are moments when your preferred thread option might not be available or when you find it difficult to acquire all the required items for your quilting project due to budget. 

The polyester thread can come to your rescue during moments like this which is why it has become renowned among quilters. The thread is strong, doesn’t produce much lint, and is more affordable than quilting cotton threads. A polyester thread is colourfast, easily responds to tension, and doesn’t get affected by climatic conditions. 

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Should I Use Polyester or Cotton Thread for Quilting?

How Far Apart Should My Quilting Be

Both types of thread are ideal for quilting, you can decide to use the polyester or cotton thread base on what you are aspiring to quilt. If your quilt will be frequently exposed to washing, it is advisable to make use of a thread durable enough to support your quilt for a long time, which is what the polyester thread offers. 

When working on a decorative quilt, appearance becomes vital which is why you should consider a thread that looks good on your quilt. In this case, the cotton thread is the ideal quilting material thanks to its nice texture. 

There are other factors that should also be considered when picking the perfect thread for your quilting project, these factors include the type of fabric to be used, the quilt design, and the prepared quilting budget. 

Qualities of the Polyester Thread

  • The polyester thread is synthetic and can be used for different purposes
  • It is highly affordable compared to cotton thread
  • It is available in small size spool unlike the cotton thread
  • The polyester thread is firm, it is stronger than the cotton thread
  • It tends to hold colour pigment for a long time and doesn’t get affected by constant washing
  • It doesn’t get affected by moisture, rot, and mildew

Can Polyester Thread be Used for Quilt Piercing?

The polyester thread is one of the best threads that can be used for your piercing quilt blocks thanks to its ability to ensure the seam remains flat preventing it from bunching up. It is recommended to make use of the 80wt polyester thread when piercing as it provides your quilt with an excellent look while maintaining smooth and flat seams. 

Another factor that makes the polyester thread perfect for piercing is its lint-free features. Due to the lesser amount of lint it possesses, there will be no need to frequently clean up the bobbing significantly lessening the amount of lint that gets stuck in your sewing machine.

What Are The Types of Polyester Thread That Can be Used for Quilting?

The polyester thread is not only perfect for quilt piecing, but it is also an ideal thread for quilting as well. There are two different types of polyester thread that are ideal for quilting.

– Cottonized Polyester Thread

While the name might have suggested that the thread is constructed with cotton, the cottonized polyester thread is completely made with polyester and provides an outstanding sewing result.

This polyester thread shares some similarities and qualities with cotton thread which explains its name. The cottonized thread losses a large share of its shine due to treating while its matte finish makes it easy to hide in fabric. 

– Trilobal Polyester Thread

The trilobal thread is distinguished from other polyester threads, unlike other polyester threads that come in a rounded shape, the trilobal polyester thread is triangular.

The thread has the ability to reflect light on its surface which produces a shine that is totally absent on the cottonized polyester thread. 

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What Is The Best Thread To Use For Quilting?

Quilters considered the cotton thread to be the most satisfactory thread for both handmade and machine quilting. The cotton thread is widely acceptable thanks to its strength, versatility, and high heat resistance. However, the polyester thread is also versatile and remains an all-purpose thread for quilters.  Quilters make use of the cotton-polyester thread in different quilting phases.  

Choosing the perfect quilting thread for your project is based on preference. While some threads are perfect for fabric attachment, others produce the design elements desired on your quilts. With too many options to choose from,  it can be a challenging task to choose the best thread for quilting. 

You can work with your preferred choice or inquire from quilting enthusiasts about the perfect thread for quilt piecing, quilting, and binding. Compliment their suggestions with your quilting budget and style and go for it if it looks like the perfect quilting thread for your quilting project. 

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The polyester thread is absolutely safe and perfect for quilting. The thread doesn’t do any damage to your fabric as popularly believed. The polyester thread was rumoured to have cut through cotton fabrics many years ago but has remarkably evolved over the years.

The polyester thread has gone through an outstanding growth in quality and it won’t be a bad choice for your next quilting project.