Can I Use Metal Bobbins In My Brother Sewing Machine?

For beginners, hobbyists, and advanced sewers, there are different Brother sewing machines to suit your preference and budget. The sewing machine manufacturer is a well-renowned name in the fashion industry and has consistently lived up to expectations. 

As a Brother lover, you might get curious about different components of your sewing machine, one of the common curiosities Brother users do have is if it is possible to make use of metal bobbins with the Brother sewing machine as both plastic and metal bobbins can easily fit in into Brothers bobbin holders.

In this article, we will be having a detailed discussion on the possibility of using metal bobbins on your Brother sewing machine. We will also be discussing if it is possible to interchange both plastic and metal bobbins in your Brother sewing machine.

What is a Bobbin?

A bobbin is a small wheel constructed with wood, metal, or plastic, and function has a thread holding component in a sewing machine. Without a bobbin, you will be unable to work on any project using your sewing machine. 

The bobbin is easily detachable from the machine which allows it to be manually threaded. After getting threaded, the bobbin has to be properly returned in place to ensure a proper sewing process and achieve an excellent sewing result.

Can I Use Metal Bobbins In My Brother Sewing Machine?

The Brother sewing machine provides simplicity which makes it ideal for beginners and advanced features make it the perfect sewing machine for professionals as well. However, Brother sewing machines just like other sewing machines out there come with either metal or plastic bobbins.

The type of bobbin that should be used with your Brother sewing machine will be determined by the manufacturer’s specification. Some  Brother sewing machine models come with metal bobbins and are not compatible with a plastic bobbin while other models are equipped with plastic bobbins and cannot be used with a metal bobbin.

Irrespective of how perfectly it fits, a Brother sewing machine designed for plastic bobbins should not be sued with a metal bobbin which is why it is essential to take note of your sewing machine specifications to have the knowledge of the perfect and required bobbin type for your Brother sewing machine.

Interchanging bobbins, and making use of incomparable bobbins with your sewing machine will produce a mediocre performance from your sewing machine as its precision will get affected which will result in an unexceptional sewing result and will subsequently damage the sewing machine.

Why are Plastic Bobbins Commonly Used In Brother Sewing Machines?

Plastic possesses more flexibility than metal, and in the case of Brother sewing machines, they commonly come with plastic bobbins because they tend to be more flexible. They also come in a smaller size which makes them easy to fit into the machine holder. The cost of production is also cheaper than that of metal bobbins which makes it easier to purchase, unlike metal bobbins.

Are Metal Bobbins Better Than Plastic?

While both bobbin types have their own qualities and features, metal bobbins are generally believed to be the best type of bobbin. They are more durable and tend to last for a longer time than plastic bobbins.

They can also withstand sewing pressure more than plastic bobbins and can maintain their form when excessive pressure was applied to a bobbin. Metal bobbins are also heavy and can take in more thread than plastic bobbins. 

Is There a Universal Bobbin?

There is no universal bobbin that fits into all models of sewing machines which is why it is important to take note of the type of bobbin that is compatible with your sewing machine.

When an incorrect bobbin is used with your Brother sewing machine, the stitch quality of your project becomes low and uneven, it also tangles your thread and makes it break, and could eventually damage the sewing machine. 

What Size Bobbin Should I Use for My Sewing Machine?

There are numerous sizes of bobbins available, but to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of your sewing machine, it is important to make use of the required bobbin size. You can get to know the perfect bobbin size for your machine by checking out the dimension of the sewing machine’s bobbin case, this will provide you with the diameter of the perfect bobbin for your sewing machine.

Make sure the bobbin case is not too big or small for the bobbin. When the bobbin case is too big, the bobbin will be loose and won’t stay in place, and when the case is too small, the bobbin will be ineffective and sewing will be impossible. 

You can also get to know the perfect bobbin size for your sewing machine by checking out the style and model of your sewing machine. Some bobbin sizes are specially made to match some sewing machines. 

When Do I Have to Change My Bobbin Case?

When you frequently take care of your sewing machine’s bobbin case, it continues to work perfectly but as time goes on, its efficiency will be reduced and will have to be replaced. With frequent usage of your sewing machine, the monotonous spinning of the bobbin will slowly grind down the inside of the bobbin case which will result in the bobbin not fitting in the case anymore.

The bobbin case cut out also gets worn down which makes the bobbin case become sloppy and will not be able to stay in place inside the assembly. When your bobbin case starts to show signs of wear and tear, it is time to replace the case with a new one for a smooth machine operation.

Why Is My Bobbin Case Jumping Out of Position?

When your bobbin case refused to stay in place during a sewing process, this can be caused by various reasons. To fix this, you have to turn off your sewing machine and detach the bobbin case from the sewing machine following the direction from your sewing machine user’s manual. 

After detaching the bobbin case from the machine, you have to clean the outer rotary hook area by making use of a cleaning brush or a vacuum cleaner. Make sure all forms of lint and dust in this area are properly cleaned. When the bobbin has been properly cleaned, you can then insert the bobbin case back making sure the triangle mark present on the bobbin case is in position with the circle mark on the race. 

You should also check the machine bobbin making sure you’ve been using the perfect bobbin for your sewing machine. You also have to make sure the bobbin has been threaded properly and is free from scratch and burr. 

What Is A Bobbin Winder?

A bobbin winder is a little machine that assists in winding thread unto a bobbin. Most sewing machines are equipped with a bobbin winding system while you can also choose to purchase a separate bobbin winder.

The bobbin winding machine saves you the stress of unthreading your sewing machine before making use of the machine in built bobbin winding feature, you can easily wind additional bobbins with the bobbin winding machine. 


The Brother brand has produced numerous models of sewing machines for both beginners and advanced sewers. These machines are equipped with many features to make your sewing enjoyable and more orthodox. Brother users however do wonder if they can make use of metal bobbins in their sewing machines.

By following this article, you would have come to realize that you can only make use of a bobbin that complimented your sewing machine specification for efficiency and top-notch performance. Making use of a bobbin that is not suited to your sewing machine will produce a mediocre sewing result and eventually damage your sewing machine.