8 Best Viking Sewing Machine for Quilting and Models

Quilting is a great way to spend time with the family, but it can also be a time-consuming hobby. Many consider it one of the more demanding types of sewing because of all the heavy fabrics and complicated patterns used.

Fortunately, there are plenty of effective and affordable sewing machines on the market. If you’re looking to find the perfect sewing machine for quilting, these Viking machines are well worth looking into. They’re affordable, versatile, and offer great value for money. Here is a list of the best Viking sewing machine for quilting.

The 8 Best Viking Sewing Machine for Quilting and Models

When Vikings get together it’s to make clothes. To make sure they’re all wearing the best gear to survive the long, dark winter nights. These days, most people just use a sewing machine to make quilts.

But back in the day, it was the sewing machine that was the sewing machine. It was the only way to sew with strong, heavy thread. So now that we’re aware of the benefits of using a sewing machine, we’re going to show you the best sewing machines for quilting and models.

These machines will suit your individual needs, from beginner to expert. Read on to know more about the best Viking sewing machines.

1. Viking SAPPHIRE™ 875 Sewing Machine

Viking SAPPHIRE™ 875 Sewing Machine

This machine is an ultimate solution for all your quilting needs. It comes with the latest features to make your quilting experience even more exciting.

This Viking machine model is equipped with time-saving features to make sewing and quilting easy and convenient. In addition to this, its sensor system technology senses your fabric thickness and its sewing advisor feature automatically sets the machine for you.

Also, it comes with a large working area illuminated by LED lights so you can enjoy working on large quilts and other sewing projects without eye strain. It’s an affordable model that offers loads of automated features you will love.

Another useful feature you will love is that it gives you a warning when the thread in the bobbin is about to finish and its automatic presser foot adjustment is great and works well.

It comes with an LCD screen which is not very big but serves its purpose. Lastly, this is perfect for use by everyone including beginner and advanced quilters

Highlighted Features:

  • Exclusive selective thread cutter cuts the thread when you finish sewing.
  • Equipped with a start/stop button which allows you to begin and end sewing without using the foot control.
  • A decorative tapering feature that gradually reduces stitches to create unique embellishments.
  • Presser foot pressure is automatic.
  • Stitching speed can be set in five levels
  • The large graphic display shows more than 170 stunning stitches to inspire creativity.
  • Perfect for long rows of stitching at a steady pace and for free motion quilting.

2. Viking EDEN ROSE™ 250C Computerized Sewing Machine

Viking EDEN ROSE™ 250C Computerized Sewing Machine

The feature packed machine is perfect for quilting. Comes with built-in needle threader, a presser foot pressure adjustment dial and more.

This is a limited edition computerized sewing machine with unique features that automatically help you optimize your sewing and inspire you to create your best projects. It has an extended sewing surface area that provides plenty of space for larger projects and quilts.

You love that Eden Rose has bright LED lights and programmable memory. Also, it’s equipped with a large graphic display that makes it easy to choose any of the 145 stunning stitches by touching the stitch picture and it shows the selected stitches in actual size and recommended settings.

This machine is more suited for you if you’re an intermediate or advanced user and though it doesn’t offer all the features of a computerized machine such as an automatic needle threader, start/stop button, and so on, it’s still functional and capable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Affordable and highly efficient.
  • A broad ruler is at the base for easy measurements while sewing.
  • Makes long sewing sessions easy.
  • Excellent stitch quality.
  • Exclusive sensor system technology senses your fabric thickness for perfect and even fabric feeding.
  • Dual lights illuminate the sewing surface to make sewing comfortable and eliminate eye strain.

3. Viking DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing Machine

Viking DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing Machine

It has all of the features, functions and performance that will inspire and delight you every time you sit down to sew.

Designer Epic is one of the best Viking sewing machines for quilting because it’s fully computerized and delivers high-quality performance consistently. It has a large, interactive LCD touch screen where you do all the main work and it’s operated just like a tablet.

The exclusive features that this model has is unmatched starting with its JoyOS Advisor™ feature which instantly set the best sewing technique and recommended settings for the type of stitch perfect for the selected fabric type, to mySewnet™ Cloud which allows easy access to designs from multiple devices, synchronized and readily available when you need them via Wi-Fi

This model has a lot of perks but it’s certainly not easy to use because of its multitude of features which is why it comes with more than 100 built-in tutorial videos to guide you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brightest and most even LED lights to achieve quality results any time of the day or night.
  • Exclusive stitch techniques for more creative opportunities.
  • mySewMonitor™, a free app that provides updates on the status of your designs even when you’re away from your machine.
  • 30% larger bobbin to enable you to do more work before it’s time for a change.
  • Fully automatic needle threader for hassle-free threading every time.
  • Large working area to accommodate your extremely large projects.
  • Perfect for quilting, sewing, and embroidery.
  • Comes with 100+ tutorial videos.

4. Viking DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 Sewing Machine

Viking DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 Sewing Machine

Made with the highest quality and care, this machine comes equipped with features that make it easy to use. 

Designer Topaz 50 is one-of-a-kind not only because it makes every project done on it magical but also because with it, you get the advantage of built-in assistance and time-savers to help you bring your ideas to life.

Furthermore, it comes with advanced technology that senses your fabric thickness for perfect feeding and another that optimizes your sewing machine by selecting the best settings for you and giving you on-screen advice to get remarkable project results.

This comes highly recommended if you want to unlock a new level of creativity in yourself and you want a model that’s not so difficult to work with.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has more than 250 quality stitches including quilt stitches.
  • A generous sewing surface illuminated with LED lights gives you more room for bulky projects.
  • Bobbin thread sensor and built-in needle threader.
  • Automatic jump stitch trim eliminates trimming time as you work.
  • The interactive color touchscreen lets you navigate through various screens for sewing, quilting, editing, and embroidery.
  • Internet updates ensure that your machine is always up-to-date.

5. Viking EMERALD™ 116 Sewing Machine

Viking EMERALD™ 116 Sewing Machine

This is an all new feature packed sewing machine that can handle any project you throw at it. It handles heavy use quite well.

The Emerald 116 machine is ideal for all types of sewing and basic quilting. It comes with many practical features you will love such as a hardcover for protection, a built-in threader, a slide-on accessory box to conveniently store accessories, a presser foot lift, and so on.

Furthermore, it has a sewing guide reference chat that recommends the right presser foot, stitch length and width, and thread tension for different fabrics type and sewing techniques.

It offers utility, decorative, and stretch stitches, and if you want a machine that matches your stitching needs and brings you years of fun and easy quilting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and portable machine.
  • User-friendly machine.
  • Has a useful quilting guide and sewing guide reference chat.
  • Built-in needle threader for fast and easy threading.
  • Permanently lubricated to avoid oil stains on fabrics.
  • Built-in handle to move around comfortably.
  • Built-in ruler for easy measurements.

6. Viking OPAL™ 690Q Sewing Machine

Viking OPAL™ 690Q Sewing Machine

This Viking Sewing Machine is designed to offer maximum performance with minimal effort. It also very durable.

690Q is an extra-efficient computerized sewing machine with great quilting features and a lot of built-in assistance to change the way you sew for the better. It includes a large number of beautiful stitches for endless creative opportunities.

Additionally, it’s designed to optimize your craft with automatic settings at the same time delivering the best results while you relax and focus on enjoying the process. And thanks to its bobbin thread sensor, this machine can alert you when the thread is about to run out.

This machine is perfect for you if you want to upgrade your craft level with an easy-to-use electronic machine.

Highlighted Features:

  • Start/stop button to begin and end sewing without the use of foot control.
  • Time-saving automatic thread cutter which cuts thread automatically.
  • Easy to navigate touchscreen.
  • Self-adjusting thread tension sets the best tension automatically for all your fabrics.
  • Three LED lights reduce shadow while working on it.

7. Viking EPIC™ 95Q Sewing Machine

Viking EPIC™ 95Q Sewing Machine

Very easy to use. Both beginner and the professional quilters can make use of this quality sewing machine.

This machine made the list because of its easy-to-access quilting and sewing functions and an exceptional fabric feeding system. It has a very easy-to-navigate large screen and a large working space with working lights for bulky projects.

With this, the ergonomically designed machine comes with an extensive stitch package including over 840 stitches, and the JoyOS Advisor™ and mySewnet™ features are enabled to help you in any aspect of your project.

Ideal for quilters and sewers at any level of skill because of its easy to access functions coupled with a user’s guide and interactive tutorials

Highlighted Features:

  • Stable, steady, and quiet.
  • Multi-function foot control capabilities for an enjoyable working experience.
  • Integrated dual feed which eliminates the need for a separate dual-feed presser foot.
  • Electronic needle piercing power provides excellent results when quilting using heavy fabrics or multiple layers.
  • Adjustable laser guidance to easily align your stitches and consistently spaced lines of quilting.
  • Has two USB ports and an accessory tray with customized compartments.
  • Large bobbins to work for longer periods without disturbance.

8. Viking BRILLIANCE™ 75Q Sewing Machine

Viking BRILLIANCE™ 75Q Sewing Machine

This sewing  machines can be used to make all your quilting projects come to life with a stunning result every time.

Bring your dream projects to life with the innovative features of this machine which is designed for proud sewers and quilters. With this, you can make large quilts, garments, and home dècor projects with ease.

Furthermore, it automatically and continuously senses and adjusts to suit the thickness of fabrics and quilts for perfect even feeding. This is for you if you recognize the value of true quality and beauty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for easy and beautiful free-motion quilting.
  • Interactive color touchscreen including a stylus.
  • Equipped with both exclusive sensor system technology and exclusive sewing advisor features.
  • Built-in needle threader and automatic thread cutter.
  • Hardcover provides protective and dust-free storage for your machine.
  • Extensive selection of built-in stitches.
  • Excellently illuminated workspace.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Viking Sewing Machines

With the dime dozens of Viking sewing machine models out there, it is important to know the most important factors. This will help in not only prevent time-wastage but also help cut you reduce expenses.

I. Look for Durability

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a sewing machine is durability. Make sure that the machine is able to handle a lot of wear and tear. You don’t want your Sewing Machine to start breaking down or becoming unusable.

II. Lightweight

One of the most important things to consider when buying a sewing machine is its weight. A lightweight sewing machine is easier to use and move around. It’s also less likely to cause damage to your fabrics.

III. Easy to Use

One of the most important things to consider when buying a sewing machine is the ease of use. Make sure the machine is easy to operate.

This means that you can start stitching right away and have a great experience every time. The stitches will be faster and more accurate if you have an easy-to-use sewing machine.

IV. Stitch and Seam Preferences

One of the most important things you need to consider when purchasing a sewing machine is how you want it to be used. Do you want it to be used for single-threaded Sewing, or do you want it to be able to sew with multiple threads?

If you have a lot of complicated fabrics that need to be sewn together, a sewing machine with multiple threads may be better suited.

f you only want to sew simple items, like clothes and crafts, a single-threaded Sewing machine may be all that you need. However, if you’re looking for something more complex or if you have a lot of fabric to sew, then a sewing machine with multiple threads may be better.

V. Make and Finish Choices

One of the most important things you should do when buying a sewing machine is made and finish choices. You should decide which type of sewing machine you want, which size you need, and whether you want an automatic or manual machine.

You should also decide what type of fabrics you need to be able to sew with your machine. There are different types of fabrics that can be sewn with a sewing machine. For example, cotton, silk, and other types of fabrics can be sewn with a sewing machine.

Is Viking A Good Sewing Machine Brand?

Viking is a well-known sewing machine brand. They offer a variety of different models and brands. Some of their models are better than others, but they all have some great features. Viking also offers a variety of different warranties.

How Much is a Viking Sewing Machine Worth?

A Viking sewing machine can be quite expensive. It depends on the model and what type of stitches you need. For example, a basic Viking Sewing Machine can cost anywhere from $100 to $500.

However, the quality of the machine will determine how much it costs. Generally, the more expensive a Viking sewing machine is, the better it will be.

Are Viking Sewing Machines Made in Sweden?

Yes, Viking sewing machines are made in Sweden. This is a good indicator that the machine is of high quality and will be able to meet your specific needs. Additionally, many sewing machines come with a warranty.


Viking sewing machines are designed to make perfect stitches thus making sewing seamless and while some are better equipped to be used for quilting than others.

This is why we’ve helped you with the ones you can use for quilting and these machines have a variety of features that will give you complete control over your craft from beginning to end.

There’s always more to learn and improve on and with the right equipment from Viking, you can get started and improve. With the review above, you should be able to make a smart purchase that will take your quilting craft to a higher level.