List of 16 Best Sewing Magazines For Beginners Explained

Sewing magazines are published to open up the eyes of sewists to the latest trends in sewing, different techniques of sewing, sewing pattern, children’s clothing, adult clothing, decoration techniques, and idea.


However, not all sewing  magazine is best for beginners as  these magazine has their different area of specialization and can only be tagged best for beginners  if they have one of the following features


  • Bright pictures of fabric with the name inscribed below or above the picture.
  • Tutorials with easy-to-understand illustrations with straightforward instructions.
  • Different styles and sizes of patterns that are traceable
  • Latest sewing and fashion trends.
  • Pictures of the different sewing machines with their use.
  • Sewing ideas and tips from sewing professionals or the sewing industry.
  • Beautiful Pictures of clothes being modeled and shoes to go with it.



  • Threads.

This magazine is often referred to as Sewing Bible by most sewists and that is because everyone can benefit from it as they have a simple way of explaining a difficult task. Besides, they create an avenue for learning new things both for the beginner and the professionals.


They do not deal with people who are interested in sewing garments alone but provide help for those passionate about sewing accessories, gifts, and home furnishing. The magazine is published 4 times a year.

  • Simply Sewing

This magazine got its name from the simplicity and practicality of the article in it. It is produced monthly as it feeds amateurs and experts in the world of sewing with information on the latest trends in sewing and fashion.


However, this magazine might not be profitable to those naive about sewing as the projects in it are a bit complex for a novice but a beginner who knows the basics of sewing can profit from the magazine.


Another limitation is that it does not provide information on women of big size.

  • Sew Magazine

Sew is a must-buy magazine for beginners and experts in sewing as it provides easy-to-follow ideas, patterns, and tips related to sewing which made it the leading sewing magazine in the United Kingdom.


It is a monthly produced magazine with various sections ranging from patchwork and quilting, dressmaking, embroidery, and homewares to wall hangings and a lot more coupled with a corner for children.

  • Sew News

Sew news is always mistaken for sew magazine because of the name but they are of different publications as sew news is an American sewing magazine and sew is a United kingdom sewing magazine.


Besides, the  magazine is produced 4 times a year, writes reviews on the best sewing machines for your needs, explains patterns and ideas with pictures which makes it easier for beginners to learn, and also provides information on sewing conferences thereby making professionals fall in love with the magazine

  • Love Sewing.

Love sewing magazine is one of U.Ks favorite as the pages of the magazine are filled with new sewing patterns and how to perfect your sewing technique as it is produced monthly.


The good part about this magazine is that it is produced monthly and also available online and all you have to do when consulting the magazines for patterns is to download and print them instead of spending extra cost on purchasing sewing patterns in the store.

  • Burda Style

The magazine originated in Germany and has been in production for over 70 years with 17 languages in over 100 countries.


It consists of patterns that are simple to read and understand and easy to follow, sewing tips, kids’ collection, even styles for your pets, and lots more which makes it easier for beginners to read.


Burda style is being produced monthly in an upfront manner as a new monthly magazine is always released at the end of the month with a functioning website full of articles from the magazine, so, if you don’t have access to one, you can either get from amazon or check things out from their website as I am sure you don’t want to miss out on their interesting articles.


  • Mrs. StyleBook

The magazine is Japanese women’s wear magazine produced twice a year full of ideas and patterns that are traceable for your use especially if you are a beginner but it has a challenge as it is written in the Japanese language and does not include patterns for young ladies.


  • Classic Sewing Magazine 

Classic Sewing magazine is produced four times a year and mainly features over 50 sewings and DIY ideas, school projects, and children’s clothing and accessories patterns. It can also be purchased online and is a great asset to add to your magazine collection.

  • Pattern Page Digital Magazine. 

It is the best digital sewing magazine made for patterns that are easy to understand for beginners in the world of sewing and it is been published twice a year.


Apart from patterns in the magazine, it also contains pictures of seasonal fabrics, sewing tips from experts, sewing techniques, trending talks on fashion and designs, and a brief bio of the makers.

  • Mollie Makes 

It is a U.k magazine that consists of a general DIY lifestyle in which you can pick your modern sewing DIY techniques from there and it is published monthly.

  • Patrones Magazine 

It is a  Spanish magazine that focuses mainly on patterns and it is published every month the beauty of it is that you can subscribe online and even internationally.

  • Ottobre Magazine

This magazine is also centered on sewing patterns though they are best in patterns related to kids as they produce kids’ editions monthly and women, magazines twice a month which is not as great as compared to the kid’s edition.

  • My Image 

It is a magazine produced for patterns and is produced twice a year. However, you can subscribe online and request pdf patterns as you might not be able to trace the patterns out of the magazine as a beginner but the magazine is up to date on the trends of fashion and style.


  1. Selvedge Magazine 

Selve edge is being produced 6 times a year and is focused more on fabrics than sewing and it is a must-get for you as a beginner as you might end up having issues with your sewing technique if you do not understand your fabric. Thankfully, it is available both in print and digital.

  • La Mia Boutique 

It is a monthly magazine that is fully into Italian  sewing patterns and designs and is being distributed to about  27 countries but can be subscribed to online through their website 

  • Diana Moden

It is a Russian publication that focuses on sewing patterns and other things related to sewing but the only constraint is that it is being sold only in Russia though you can buy their patterns online.


Which Is The Best U.K Sewing Magazine For Me To Get As A Beginner?

Sew magazine is still the best sewing magazine for beginners in the United Kingdom as it contains everything related to beautiful sewing garments, homewares, sewing accessories, and lots more.


Which Magazine Is Best For Me To Use In The U.S  As a Beginner?

Over the years, Threads has proved to be the best in the united states of  America when it comes to sewing magazines as their illustrations and instructions help the beginner to learn faster even without the need of an instructor.


Which Magazine Is Best For Beginners To Use For Children Clothing?

Classic sewing is the best magazine for children’s clothing as it focuses only on everything related to the children’s world of fashion and the most interesting aspect is how it encourages children to embrace the sewing world.


Which Magazine is The Best Pattern Magazine For Beginners?

Burda style is the best magazine for patterns as it focuses on patterns relating to women, children, and even pets and has been in this business for over 70 years. It gained popularity for maintaining the availability of free patterns every year in over 100 countries.



Every magazine highlighted in this article will be of good to you as a beginner as it will open up your eyes to the latest trends in sewing and fashion, different types of sewing machines, new sewing techniques, easy-to-follow free patterns, and tips from professionals in the world of sewing, DIY projects even for your pet and children and above all make you a professional your self in the sewing world.


All you have to do now is to pick that of your desire and need, then keep following until you become a professional and even after you become a professional, do not stop following.