Reviews of 8 Best Quilting Lamps, Features & Buying Guide

Looking for the perfect quilting lamp? According to a recent survey, the majority of busy professionals have a hard time finding time to learn new skills. This means that they frequently overlook the value of keeping their craft top of mind.

Search no more. We’ve compiled a list of the best quilting lamps on the market so that you can keep your enthusiasm high and your work area organized at all times. From simple metal stands to state-of-the-art LED systems, these lamps will help you keep your focus on the work at hand.

Check out our list of the best quilting lamps to learn more about each model, and read our reviews to find the perfect fit for your workspace.

Reviews of 8 Best Quilting Lamps, Features & Buying Guide In 2022

You see, in a quilting or needlework room, you have the perfect environment to get started on a project and create a finished product that you and your friends will be proud of.

So, if you’re looking for the best quilting lamps on the market, check out these top picks.

1. ARSUK Floor Magnifier LED Lamp

ARSUK Floor Magnifier LED Lamp

It features a long arm that can be repositioned easily. The light provided by the LEDs is bright and comfortable to work with.

A well-made lamp for quilters and other forms of crafts, the ARSUK Floor Magnifier LED Lamp is designed to deliver maximum comfortability equipped with a flexible151cm and 360 gooseneck which makes it easy to bend and direct the light to your desired position.

The portable magnifying led lamp comes with a sturdy base and a convenient handle that allows easy movement to suit your preference.

With a long-lasting 12 LED light attached to its gooseneck which produces enough brightness for your quilting and crafts workbench, the ARSUK Floor Magnifier LED Lamp also comes with on/off switch which is more convenient and advanced than the touch switch. This switch can be located very close to the lens and it allows you to switch on and off the lamp conveniently.

The ARSUK Floor Magnifier LED Lamp also features a 35cm height genuine diopter glass magnifying lens with 5x magnification huge enough to cover an A4 paper full page. Its lens focal length of 220 would not strain your eyes during close contact. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Touch adjustable LED light
  • Hands-free magnifying glass lamp for close work
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Sturdy base
  • Optical magnifier glass lens
  • Excellent value for money
  • Wide range of application 

 2. Neatfi XL 2,500 Lumens LED Task Lamp 

Neatfi XL 2,500 Lumens LED Task Lamp 

This is an easy-to-use quilting lamp. It is ideal for quilting projects and other hobbies, such as stitching, knitting, crochet etc.

The Neatfi XL LED Lamp is an ideal acquisition for your workplace thanks to its unique 22 wide shade, easily adjustable arms which have an extended reach, and can conveniently brighten up a large area evenly.

With 30 watts and a color temperature of 5600 to 6000k and a CRI of 80, the Neatfi XL LED Lamp is a great power outlet. It can amazingly maintain its temperature and doesn’t get hot when used for a long duration and its evenly dispersed light can be directed to suit your preference.

Designed to be dimmable, its brightness level can be adjusted from 100% to 75%, 50%, or 25% by pressing a single button. Unlike incandescent light bulbs, the Neatfi XL integrated long-lasting LED consumes 80% less energy and saves you the stress of replacing bulbs for the next 20 years.

The Neatfi XL LED Lamp comes with a high level of brightness, its 162 pcs SMD LED has vision protection that ensures the brightness level doesn’t affect your eyes when you work for a long duration. It also comes with a clamp that can be easily mounted on any horizontal surface. This lamp is small space-friendly equipment and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2,500 Lumens bright
  • Dimmable
  • Long-lasting 
  • Bright light 
  • Vision protection
  • Space-saving lamp
  • 3-year warranty

3. NEWACALOX Magnifying Lamp with Clamp

NEWACALOX Magnifying Lamp with Clamp

The LED lights don’t heat up and the magnifier can be adjusted. The lamp features parts that keep it secure while in use.

Unlike normal bulbs, the NEWACALOX Magnifying Lamp is equipped with 72 LED lamp beads that disperse light more evenly. Its magnifying glass with LED can eliminate shadows and can be easily positioned in all directions to suit the users’ preferences. Its control buttons are very responsive and reflexive and feel good in the hand.

Its durable metal clip allows it to be perfectly fixed on flat surfaces that are less than 2.56/6.5cm thick. It also comes with an adjustable arm that allows firm positioning and can be easily attached to your workbench in a tight space workshop.

The NEWACALOX Magnifying Lamp head can be adjusted 220* up and down and has an HD magnifier that is made with glass. The magnifier produces a clear lens view with no internal reflections and the user doesn’t feel any form of dizziness when used for a long duration.

The LED light color temperature can be adjusted in three steps while the brightness in 10 steps makes it a perfect tool that can excel in various working conditions.

A high-quality 5V,2A/3A charger as the power plug will ensure the maximum brightness which is 6700 Lux. it is advisable not to be used with fast charging heads above 4A. Its package also comes with a  pcs aluminum alloy base, 1 pcs magnifying glass and a mini spanner.

Highlighted Features:

  • 72 LED lamp beads
  • Adjustable arm for positioning
  • Responsive control buttons
  • HD magnifier
  • Wide range of brightness adjustment
  • Three colors temperature
  • Cast light more evenly compared to a normal bulb

4. Amzrozky Workbench Light

Amzrozky Workbench Light

This Lamp is lightweight and portable, with a detachable handle that makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

With 5 lighting modes and 5 dimming levels, the Amzrozky workbench LED light produces closet to daylight brightness thanks to its diffusion panel capable of emitting soft light that ensures the users’ eyes are unharmed when used for a long duration. It is also made with high-end and solid materials such as high-quality aluminum alloy and zinc alloy materials.

It is designed with an adjustable metal arm, infinitely rotatable body, 270* + 210* + 175* swivel lamp head. with the Amzrozky Workbench LED Light, you will enjoy over 50,00 hours of lifespan thanks to its modern LED panel which ensures you won’t be in need of bulb replacement for 25 years and conserve 25% energy.

The lighting mode and dimming levels can easily be controlled to your preference with the on/off and up/down buttons and it automatically keeps the brightness and function. It also comes with a 65-inch length of high-quality electric wire, and a big clamp with a 6cm maximum gap height.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super bright
  • Eye protection technology
  • High end and solid design
  • Longevity and energy saving
  • Touch control and memory function
  • 5 colour temperatures and 5 dimmable modes
  • Flexible and rotatable

5. OttLite 13 Watt Folding Task Lamp Desk Light

OttLite 13 Watt Folding Task Lamp Desk Light

This magnifier lamp is designed with a large lamp and high quality magnifying lens. Gives you an excellent light for all your projects. 

With the OttLite researchers and engineers aiming to bring the power of natural daylight indoors, the OttLite 13 portable desk light is equipped with a distinctive daylight illumination that displays color accurately and gives details with amazing clarity which helps and prevents eyestrain.

The OttLite 13 portable desk light provides an ideal amount of lighting for your various task be it quilting, scrapbooking, or other crafts. Its replaceable  13 watts type E OttLite bulbs can last up to 10,000 hours while giving you an ideal brightness with reduced glare and eyestrain.

This portable modern lamp can be automatically switched on and off when you fold its arm to an open or closed position. The easy-to-use and space-friendly lamp can also be folded up easily into a compact package that has a carrying handle. This allows easy movement to suit the users’ comfortability. It also has an adjustable height of 11.25 inches to 17.5 inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-purpose light
  • Handle for easy transport
  • Energy efficient
  • Multi positioned shade to easily adjust light
  • Natural daylight
  • Super bright
  • Easy to use
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Adjustable height

6. Mediacous LED Desk Lamp

Mediacous LED Desk Lamp

It has the ability to magnify its focus for better viewing. The bright light enables you to see clearly and work faster. 

The Mediacous LED desk lamp is equipped with 12 watts dual light source which conveniently brightens the whole workbench evenly without flickers, glares or UV-ray when being is designed to give perfect protection to your eyes while working.

Constructed with articulating metal clamp, multiple joints rotatable body, and a wide swivel head, the Mediacous LED desk lamp ticks all boxes and met all your lighting needs. The main and the auxiliary lamps can be rotated by 270* and 360* by the base. The metal arm can also be adjusted by 198* giving the lamp the ability to illuminate at multiple angles ensuring a comfortable usage for the user.

Its extra-wide metal arms accompanied by silicone pads results in a strong clamp that can support up to supports up to 6cm/2.3 on the tabletop keeping the swing arm lamp securely in place.

In addition, the Mediacous  LED lamp board is constructed with high-quality aluminum with exceptional heat dissipation which greatly extends the working life of the lamp up to 50,000 hours.

It also comes with four different color temperatures with each color mode having 4 brightness levels which can produce soft light and prevent eyes fatigue. its brightness and temperature can be easily adjusted via the sensitive buttons located at the front of the lamp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual light source design
  • Adjustable swing arm lamp
  • Metal clamp for space-saving
  • 16 choices for color temperatures and brightness
  • Touch control
  • 4 adjustable joints for higher plasticity
  • Memory functions that remember your last setting
  • Durable metal material and high-quality bulb
  • 50,000 hours LED bulb lifetime
  • Simple installation

7. FAJ LED Magnetic Work Light

FAJ LED Magnetic Work Light

It helps you to work better. Does not require any special plug-in, instead it runs directly on your household current.

Equipped with 60 bright daylight COBB LED delivers great illumination without straining your eyes. The LED is flexible and clean, and the white light will brighten up the darkest work areas without flickering or dimming when being used. It is highly flexible and bendable and is designed with the longest and easily adjusted gooseneck on the market that does not sag or droop.

Its heavy-duty magnet features allow it to be easily attached or removed with its ultra-strong magnetic base. And can also be attached to a smooth non-metal surface by using the mounting disc.

Unlike non LED  bulbs, the FAJ LED magnetic work light reserves up to 90% in energy costs, and like the Mediacous LED desk lamp, it can also last up to 50,000 hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • 360* flexible extra-long neck
  • Heavy-duty magnet
  • Long-lasting and energy-efficient
  • Ultra-small footprint
  • High-quality bright COB LEDs
  • Extra-long thick cord
  • Easy toggle switch
  • Easy to use and money-saving

8. Madam Sew Sew Bright Machine LED Lighting 

Madam Sew Sew Bright Machine LED Lighting

This machine led lighting has a bright built-in LED light system that allows you to work in dimly lit areas or even at night.

The sew bright sewing LED light by Madam Sew gives you a proper vision of your work on the sewing machine thanks to its 24 powerful LED lights. Its clean white light has a subtle hint of blue and purple permits a high level of concentration and easily visualizes your work details.

With the Madam, Sew sew bright sewing LED in your possession, the quality of your seams, hems, topstitching, quilting, and applique work will drastically improve thanks to its proper lighting.

Designed to easily fit long and short-armed machines and quilting machines, the bright sewing LED lighting is universally compatible with all machine brands and models illuminating your sewing experience with its outstanding lighting features.

This 12* LED light strip is also accompanied by a 98* power cord, on and off switch, USB adapter, 5 adhesive-backed white clips, and 4 black hook and loop cord organizers.

While the hook and loop cord organizers allow you to run the LED light cord alongside your sewing machine cord, the adhesive cord clips fastened to the backside of your machine preserve the sewing bed free of interference.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enhance easy and accurate quitting
  • Universally comparable with all machine brands and models
  • Adhesive cord clips 
  • 12 LED light strip
  • On and off switch and USB adapter
  • Easy to install and use

9. Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 

Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 

Quality quilting lamp. It has different brightness settings, packed with many features and more also it is very easy to use.

Specially designed for individuals in need of visual aids to lessen eyes fatigue. The Brightech LightView Pro is equipped with a 3* lens that is made from a high-quality diopter glass which ensures users won’t feel dizzy when quilting, sewing, painting, needlework, cross-stitching, and other projects while using the desk lamp. 

The glass lens also comes with a 13.5 adjustable, flexible gooseneck which can be adjusted and keeps the magnifying glass lit for close work at different angles. the high-quality diopter-made magnifying glass unlike the cheap acrylic/plastic magnifying lenses is scratch-resistant, does not warp with time or heat, and does not require replacement for a very long time.

Its 6W and 570 lumens LED lights are built-in, designed to last up to 20,000 hours with a durability level of about 20 years. Its sturdy and heavy base guarantees the firmness of the lamp and protects it from tipping to ensure comfortable and up-close usage.

The Brightech LightView Pro doesn’t only provide a high level of brightness, its magnifying glass and light always remain cool even when used for a long duration. You also get a 3-year warranty when you purchase the Brightech LightView Pro magnifying desk lamp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Genuine glass magnifier with light for up-close works
  • Adjustable magnifying  desk lamp with gooseneck
  • 20 years lamp LED light for max durability
  • 2.25X magnification table lamp
  • Built-in light
  • Easy to assemble 
  • 3-year warranty

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Quilting Lamp To Buy

Quilting is a great way to spend time with family and friends, relax, and de-stress from the day-to-day stress of life. It’s a fun activity that can be done in your own home, and as such, there are many different quilting styles that you can practice.

The type of quilting lamp you choose will depend on a number of factors, including your experience with lighting, your taste, and how much space you have. So, when looking for the right quilting lamp, you need to ask yourself these questions:

I. Lighting Quality

When you are quilting, you need to be able to see your fabric in all directions. A high-quality quilting lamp will be able to provide the perfect light for your fabrics. This means that your quilt will look its best and the colors will be evenly balanced. You should also consider the type of quilting lamp that you want. If you are a beginner, a LED quilting lamp may be the best option for you. As you become more experienced, however, you may want to consider an antique or vintage lamp as well.

If you are using a quilting lamp as part of a set, make sure that the lamps are compatible. You can buy lamps that are compatible with each other, but it’s also important to check for any compatibility issues before buying any lamps.

II. Budget

When it comes to quilting lamps, the most important factor to consider is your budget. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a quilting lamp but you also don’t want to spend too much either.

It’s important to find a lamp that will fit within your budget and make sure it is enough for the work you need it to do.

III. Design & Functionality

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a quilting lamp is its design. Do you want a lamp that is easy to use or one that takes a lot of time to set up? If you’re looking for a lamp that can be used all day long, an LED quilting lamp may be the right choice.

LED lamps are much easier to set up than traditional light bulbs and they generate less heat. They also look great, so if you’re looking for a lamp that will brighten up your quilt room, an LED quilting lamp may be the right choice.

IV. Look and Feel

The look of a quilting lamp is important. Choose a lamp that is both stylish and functional. You don’t want to be using a lamp as an ornament or decoration only; you want it to be used as a source of light and illumination in your quilt room.

How Many Lumens Do You Need For Sewing Lights?

If you’re looking for high-quality sewing lights, you’ll need at least 12 lumens. If you’re using a basic metal stand, you’ll need at least four lumens. A high-end quilting lamp might require up to 18 lumens.


When it comes to finding the perfect quilting lamp, it’s important to have an understanding of your specific needs. For example, if you are a quilter who likes to use a lot of light, a LED quilting lamp may be the best choice for you.

If you are looking for a lamp that will provide adequate light at all times, choose an antique or wooden lamp.

Additionally, make sure that the lamp is easy to use and has features that will be beneficial to your quilting process.

New to quilting and interested in buying the necessary accessories? Check out our previous blog posts on buying the ideal cutting table for quilting, Oliso Iron board, erasable pen for quilting and so on.