Our Picks of Best Quilting Hoop for Hand Quilting In 2023

Best Quilting Hoop for Hand Quilting

When you think of hand quilting, do images of girls in white dresses, lacy cowls, and fashions of the 1800s come to mind? No, not unless you are a quilter. But those were the days before the internet and the rise of social media. Today, quilting has become a fast-growing and entertaining hobby for all ages.

There are seminars, classes, and clubs where beginners can learn the ancient art of quilting. There are even apps and websites where you can find tutorials on how to make that perfect quilt. And while all of these are fun and helpful, there’s one missing element — hand quilting.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in and check out our top 10 picks of the best hand quilting hoops in 2022.

The Review of The 7 Best Quilting Hoop for Hand Quilting

Choosing quilting hoops can be quite overwhelming because there is a variety of quilting hoops made by different brands available in the market, each having specifications different from the other.

And to help you find the best ones that meet different needs and save you the stress and time we have carefully researched and compiled the list of 7 top-rated quilting hoops.

These are the top picks available in the market that you will need to get started. While compiling this list we considered a lot of factors, some of which are size, weight, cost, sturdiness, durability, surface area for working and material they’re made from, and so on.

Let’s get started.

1. Frank A.Edmunds Quilting Hoop

Frank A.Edmunds Quilting Hoop

Comes with a thick metal ring and firm spring tension, designed to hold your projects firmly in place and make quilting easier than ever. 

This is a neat solid hardwood hoop with a wood fastener that holds your projects firmly and smoothly. It is perfect for both experts and beginners and quilters who still struggle because it makes the craft easy and convenient.

It’s of a natural color with polished round edges to avoid snagging of needlework. Additionally, these round edges provide a smooth surface that allows the frame to firmly hold fabrics without damage and it also allows the frame to move easily around your quilting project.

Although its working space is somehow small, it’s of a comfortable size for detailed stitching. It keeps your fabric in place while you stitch right through the layers. It’s an ideal addition to your quilting supplies if you’re looking for a reliable and lightweight wooden quilting hoop.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy, lightweight, and easy to quilt with.
  • 14-inch round wood hoop.
  • Rounded edges with a smooth sanded finish.
  • Solid basswood with solid wood block closure.
  • Clamps multiple layers of fabrics securely.

2. Martelli Free Motion Quilting Hoop

Martelli Free Motion Quilting Hoop

This hoop is small in size, but big in quality. Enjoy the ease and convenience of a fabric hoop without the weight.

This makes free motion quilting very easy, with its comfortable and convenient handles which keep your hands safe from the needle. With this loop, you can use any home sewing machine for a variety of quilt projects.

It includes an 8″ and 11″ quilting gripper with non-slip grippers conveniently located at their bottoms to prevent the hoops from sliding on the surface of the fabric. Also, its exclusive rubber backing grips your quilt top enabling you to easily manoeuvre your quilt as you sew.

Additionally, a wide groove cut into each hoop allows easy access for your machine’s presser foot and the two knobs on each no-slip gripper hoop give you a secure, safe, and comfortable grasp on your quilts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of durable and tough high-density polyethene material.
  • Works with a table or home machine.
  • Comfortable hand grips for easy control.
  • Prevents injuries to hands and fingers.
  • Provide solid sure guidance to your quilts.
  • Have the Martelli no slip material on the bottom of the hoop.
  • Includes one 8″ and one 11″ hoop.

3. Dritz 3202 Quilting Hoop

Dritz 3202 Quilting Hoop

With its non-slip design, this hoop prevents fabric from shifting away from the center area. It is also sturdy.

This 12″ no-slip quilting hoop is loved by quilters because it’s sturdily built and keeps your project stable while you quilt and is easy to adjust. Most quilters think plastic hoops can be quite slippery but its perk is that it has a unique interlocking design between the inner and outer hoop, all the layers of the quilt are secured in position while you create your design.

Furthermore, this plastic hoop offers great help to your quilting process while adding practically no weight to your project thus making it easy to hold its balance when quilting. It’s a great starter quilting hoop to explore your creativity and improve your skill.

Lastly, it ensures that your hands are free for easy quilting, and sewing the wing nut can be adjusted to comfortably tighten the hoop. It’s ideal for quilters that want an affordable yet functional hoop to improve their hand quilting skill.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong, smooth, and durable.
  • Holds fabric firmly in position and allows you to quilt effortlessly.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Include one 12-inch no-slip hoop.
  • Suitable for working on large quilts

4. Darice Wood Quilting Hoop

Darice Wood Quilting Hoop

This a unique, high quality quilting hoop for hand quilting. It is made from solid wood which makes it sturdy but lightweight.

For years now, Darice has been inspiring creativity with the best value and selection of craft supplies for every level crafter and this 23-inch round hoop from Darice is not any different. It made this list because it’s sturdy enough to firmly hold a thick layer of fabric without twisting, bending, or shifting and light enough to be held comfortably.

Also, it’s an essential quilting accessory that’s suitable for quilters with any level of skill and can be very useful, especially when working on a large or bulky project. This is because it provides a larger surface working area than most quilting hoops available on the market.

Its wide diameter can let you position most quilting blocks within the hoop to hand stitch your designs. Also, it’s not only beneficial in quilting to hold the fabric tight but it’s also useful in embroidering, beading, cross-stitching, and many more crafts projects.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wide range of uses.
  • Naturally colored and can easily be painted to match the home dècor or colors of your project.
  • Made of high-quality natural wood and fastened with a wing nut and bolt.
  • Hoop fasteners can be adjusted based on the thickness of the material.

5. Morgan Products Plastic Quilting Hoop

Morgan Products Plastic Quilting Hoop

It is made of premium quality materials and it’s the easiest to use. It’s also affordable and easy to store.

This Amazon’s popular choice hoop features a ring on the inside which adds a bit more strength to hold the hoop contents taut. This great hoop is a game-changer, with it there’s no more struggling to keep fabrics taut while tightening or fabric losing tension over time.

Additionally, this no-slip hoop has a unique tongue and groove configuration which holds fabrics safely and securely between the inner and outer rings.

Also, there is no movement of the project until the outer ring is loosened and the project is removed from the inner ring thus keeping your project tight while working on it. Although it’s quite pricey, you will get your money’s worth with this excellent quality product.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10-inch no-slip hoop with easy to access the screw.
  • Made of plastic and doesn’t slip.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Lovely and touch-friendly design.
  • Strong, smooth, and durable.
  • Easy to use and keeps the perfect tension.

6. Amish Oak Wood Quilting Hoop

Amish Oak Wood Quilting Hoop

This is a standard quilting hoop for hand quilting. It has an adjustable tension that allows you to tighten or loosen the hoop as required. 

This made the list not just because it has a four-legged support stand but also because it’s constructed to allow quilting hoops to swivel around while you work.

Another thing you will love about this piece is that it’s handcrafted by talented Amish craftsmen from top to bottom using solid oak wood. It’s crafted with quilters in mind to enable you to keep those artistic quilting patterns in place and help you in making your masterpieces.

Also, this medium walnut-stained hoop holds your fabrics tight and easily allows you to move the fabric when you’ve finished each section. It’s perfect for you if you love handcrafted products but might require minor assembling. Note that the hoop is of one size and does not adjust.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enjoy a large 22″ wide round quilting hoop that swivels all the way around for easy quilting.
  • Has a quilting hoop stand that doesn’t move around.
  • Durable, sturdy, and well-designed with a beautiful wood finish.
  • Can serve as a dècor piece in your home.
  • Tip quilting hoop any way you like for a comfortable quilting experience.
  • Every detail is polished and carefully crafted to create the best quilting experience.

7. Cousin DIY Wood Quilting Hoop

Cousin DIY Wood Quilting Hoop

The weighted bottom keeps it secure while you’re hand quilting. Smooth nylon lining prevents damage to your fabric.

It’s a high-quality round wooden hoop with a large surface area to work on big and bulky quilting and embroidery projects. It is designed to work on fabrics of different thicknesses while still maintaining perfect tension.

Also, it’s lightweight yet firmly built to enable it to tightly hold on to fabrics for a comfortable and convenient quilting experience. This affordable piece transforms your time-taking tasks into creative pleasure for quality and better results.

Highlighted Features:

  • 23-inches diameter wooden hoop.
  • Made from high-quality natural wood.
  • Provides even tension on all fabric edges.
  • Perfect for quilting projects, embroidery, and needlecraft.
  • Easy to work with and worth every penny.
  • Hoops have L brackets to allow you to work on any desired fabric thickness.

How to Choose the Right Quilting Hoop for Your Next Quilt

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, a hoop is a necessary tool for the competitive quilter. A good quilting hoop will enable you to create beautiful quilts with ease. However, choosing the right quilting hoop can be a challenge.

You need to consider various factors in order to find the right hoop for your quilt. This article will help you to understand some of the factors to consider when choosing the right quilting hoop.

Following are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right quilting hoop for your next quilt.

1. Is it for binding?

Binding is a critical part of quilt making. If the hoop is not specifically designed to bind fabrics, it can cause them to ride on top of each other, creating gaps and inconsistencies in the finished quilt.

Bamboo and other natural materials may not mix well with other fabrics, so it’s important to choose a hoop that is compatible with your fabric. You also want to make sure that the hoop is large enough to fit all of your fabric evenly. A small hoop will not be able to hold as many pieces of fabric like a large hoop.

2. How much do you want to spend?

The amount of money you spend on a quilting hoop will largely depend on your needs and the quilt you plan to create. However, a good rule of thumb is to spend no more than $50 per hoop.

3. How big is your quilt?

How big your quilt is likely to be. A quilt that is too small will not be wide enough to cover all the fabric evenly, and a quilt that is too large will be too thick and difficult to sew together.

4. Are you using a standard hoop or a mini hoop?

If you’re using a standard hoop, you’ll want to make sure the size of your hoop is compatible with your batting. A mini hoop, on the other hand, is perfect for quilting smaller fabrics. It’s also perfect for quilting in tight spaces or for intricate designs.

You’ll want to make sure the size of your hoop is compatible with your batting before starting your quilt project.

Is a Quilting Hoop Necessary?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that a quilting hoop is not necessary, while others think it’s an essential tool for beginner quilters. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference.


Everyone who hand quilts know how much a quilt can hold you down after carrying it for several hours when working on a bulky or time-consuming project which is why a quilting hoop is necessary. It serves as your extra hands helping you to carry the weight of your quilts.

It also holds the layers of a quilt together, keeping the tension and preventing slipping while it’s being quilted.

With the review above, we hope you’re able to select the one that’s best for your project to prevent stress, help you save time, and make your quilting experience more enjoyable.