List of 6 Best Quilting Cutting Machine on The Market Today

Best Quilting Cutting Machine

Cutting quilting fabrics can be stressful and frustrating especially when you’re hand-cutting multiple layers of fabrics for your quilting projects. It can even be hazardous when you accidentally hurt yourself while using a rotary cutter blade.

You will love these machines because they make your quilting life easier but you’ve to be very careful when buying them to get your money’s worth. Since there are a few models to choose from with features and benefits of one model different from the other, we have researched and reviewed the best 6 quilting cutting machines you can find in the market today.

These machines are top-rated, suited for your needs, and allow you to work on a variety of fabrics without limitations.

List of 6 Best Quilting Cutting Machine on The Market Today

We’ve compiled this list after researching for the best cutting machines to help you make a smart and worthy purchase.

While compiling this list we considered factors such as machine type, size of the machine, how good it is at cutting fabrics, price, how easy it’s to use, included accessories, and more other, all just to enable you to make the perfect choice ideal for your personal preference and budget.

So, if you’re looking for cutting machines to choose from for your quilting projects, here are the top models in the market we’ve rounded up for you to choose from.

Note that It’s arranged in no order.

1. Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Electronic Cutting Machine

Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Electronic Cutting Machine

Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Electronic Cutting Machine is one of the fastest, more accurate and easier way to cut beautiful piece.

The Brother brand is a high-quality and popular brand in the crafts industry, they didn’t disappoint with this cutting machine. This machine has made this list of best quilting cutting machines not only because it cuts through materials for quilting effortlessly but also because of its advanced technology.

It has a built-in scanner that will allow you to scan your handmade designs and turn the images into unique designs and patterns to which you can then cut your fabrics accordingly, this alone gives it an edge over the other cutting machines.

In addition to this, it comes with an LCD touchscreen display which enables you to customize your designs and access 682 built-in designs including 100 quilts.

SDX125E is designed to cut quilting fabrics thus helping you save time by cutting multiple pieces for your projects and making your quilts with ease. And it can also be connected to any wireless device such as smartphones and laptops to transfer files. Though it’s one of the most expensive cutting machines, it’s definitely worth the buy with its impressive features and functions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in scanner to scan designs.
  • Custom designs and extra free patterns can be added with the USB port and wireless capability.
  • ScanNCut DX auto blade and auto blade holder with automatic material sensor technology eliminate the need for material selection.
  • USB port to transfer custom-made designs.
  • Well-constructed, versatile, and highly functional.
  • Cuts very quickly and effortlessly without making noises.
  • Internal memory to save customized designs and access them freely.

2. Cricut Maker Digital Cutting Machine

Cricut Maker Digital Cutting Machine

It enables you to create endless possibilities by using the machine for cutting your fabrics or digitizing system for embroidery designs.

Cricut is one of the most popular brands designing cutting machines in the market, with its expandable suite of tools such as powerful blades, pens, and scoring tools it’s not just for quilting and sewing projects.

This high-quality cutting machine with 10X more cutting force than any of its previous models cuts virtually anything and delivers pro-level cuts. In addition to this, it’s designed to keep your space organized and neat.

Also, it comes with digital designs and patterns from top brands and you can create personalized or custom designs with this machine and you can cut and mark all the pieces with Cricut to get professional quality results. With this cutting machine, you can also engrave, deboss, score, and do more creative effects with tools that are sold separately.

It comes highly recommended if you want a durable and versatile high-quality machine that makes cutting faster and hassle-free. But be aware that the knife blade you need to work on thicker materials is sold separately.

Highlighted Features:

  • A blade similar to an X-ACTO knife can make its way through any material easily.
  • Powerful, smart, and versatile cutting machine.
  • A rotary blade practically cuts any fabric effortlessly.
  • Premium fine point blade and fine point pen for excellent cutting.
  • The knife blade makes precise cuts to thicker stuff for more depth and dimension.
  • Two cutting mats.
  • USB charging port for devices.

3. AccuQuilt GO! Cutting Machine

AccuQuilt GO! Cutting Machine

This is cutting Machine is an electronic cutting machine that lets you cut any size or shape of fabric. It has also includes safety features.

This is a fast and precise fabric cutting machine that allows quilters to cut fabrics as much as 90% faster than scissors or rotary cutting while enjoying its safe use designs. The brand prides itself on the fact that they provide accurate and unique fabric shapes every time and save time used for cutting by quilters.

It’s specifically designed for quilters and can cut through multiple layers of fabric neatly and evenly at once. Even with its impressive features and functions, it’s designed to be compact and portable thus allowing you to carry and use it wherever you go be it on a quilt retreat, guild meetings, travel, and so on.

In addition to all of this, it includes a free book with more than 20 pages of patterns book to keep you working on new projects for a long time. This machine is perfect for you if you’re the type that wants to cut large pieces of fabric without any strain but still want something that’s quite portable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use with its quick start guide.
  • Comes with a great value die and a cutting mat so you can start quilting instantly.
  • Cut through multiple layers of fabrics effortlessly.
  • Durable and built to last long.
  • Has a die pick.
  • Includes a 20-page pattern book of mix and match quilt blocks.

4. Sizzix Bigshot Manual Cutting Machine

Sizzix Bigshot Manual Cutting Machine

If you are looking for a versatile cutting machine that can help you create anything shape for quilts to wall hangings, this is an ideal choice

This manual machine is a Bigshot, it can be used by both starter and advanced crafters to cut any type of material to match their requirements for quilting just with a few efforts. It saves time as it goes through fabric cutting quickly and saves energy costs since it requires no electricity.

It’s the ideal tool for a wide range of creative pursuits because it doesn’t only cut but also emboss easily. By Just turning the roller once, you can create an elegant and unique design in a precisely cut piece of fabric.

While this versatile cutting machine is perfect for use by both beginners and experts, you still need to have slight practice to learn how to use it efficiently and the instruction manual will be a helpful guide along the way.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a pair of cutting pads.
  • Make cuts with precision.
  • Easy to use and comes with an instruction bullet.
  • An A5-sized platform allows you to cut the fabric of any size.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Doesn’t require electricity.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy roller action.
  • Works on a variety of materials.

5. Silhouette Cameo 4 Cutting Machine

Silhouette Cameo 4 Cutting Machine

Its advanced features make it possible to achieve a variety of creative projects, with this simple to use tool.

This is a 12-inch width desktop cutting machine that allows you to make precise cuts in fabrics for a smoother quilting experience. With its new dual-motor system, you can cut in two distinct ways.

The Silhouette AutoBlade 2 is available exclusively for this machine, it lets your machine do all the work for you and you don’t need to manually adjust the blade. In addition to this is the Silhouette Studio software program which provides recommended cut settings for different material types and you can adjust them in the software as desired.

Also, Its ultra-smart system uses tool sensor technology to detect what tool you’re using which then initiates the Silhouette studio software to adjust cut settings automatically. It has a very fast cutting speed with its rotary blade that enables you to cut a variety of materials without a special stabilizer backing.

Finally, this comes highly recommended if you want an affordable electronic cutting machine with excellent cutting function but you might need to buy extra accessories to completely utilize its capabilities.

Highlighted Features:

  • Self-adjusting Auto blade dual carriage.
  • The built-in cross cutter lasts long and creates perfect cuts each time.
  • Impressive dual motor system.
  • Connects easily to the PC.
  • Built-in roll feeders provide an easy and convenient way to cut longer materials.
  • Matless cutting capabilities and tool detection sensors.
  • Smart tangential mode for cutting fabrics without a stabilizer.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless cutting.
  • Driven by free Silhouette Studio software gives you unlimited design options to customize your projects.
  • The sliding lid and backlit touch panel give it a sleek, compact aesthetic.

6. Spellbinders PL-001 Platinum 6.0 Cutting Machine

Spellbinders PL-001 Platinum 6.0 Cutting Machine

This electronic cutting system is very useful for cutting fabrics when quilting. It helps to provide  multiple quality pattern pieces at a faster rate.

It’s the latest in Spellbinders machine technology designed with your creative versatility in mind. This manual cutting machine provides unmatched power and cutting pressure that can cut a variety of materials.

PL-001 is created with a solid steel core construction and can cut as many as 6-8 layers thick of fabrics in a single pass and it’s perfect for crafters on the go. It doesn’t only just cut but also emboss easily to unleash your creativity.

Furthermore, this machine has a collapsible handle and fold-up sides to allow for more compact storage. It’s a long-lasting well built cutting machine.

This is perfect for you if you want an affordable cutting machine that gets the job done and has other features to make your craft projects easier.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small, compact, and portable machine.
  • The wide-cutting platform is decent and enough for most projects.
  • Powerful and high level of cutting pressure.
  • Can cut over 40 different materials including fabrics, wool, leather, and so on.
  • Can be used with dies and embossing folders.
  • Affordably priced.
  • User friendly and highly functional.
  • Geared for minimal rotation with hardened steel gears.
  • Two cutting plates and an embossing plate and mat.
  • Durable and travel-friendly.

How Can I Maintain My Quilting Cutting Machine?

Keeping your machine in top shape can be a challenge. You want to get everything from the machine that’s working properly, to the machine that’s broken, but in the real world, that just isn’t possible.

When you’re dealing with a small company like yours, you have a lot more customers, and you’re constantly trying to keep up with the rapid pace of production, maintaining your equipment can be a challenge.

Everything from the mechanics of your machine, to the ink used in your quilting stitches all, affect how it works. Here are some ways you can keep your machine running smoothly no matter what:

I. Change your Oil

Every quilting machine has a certain type of oil that it needs to run properly. You can change your oil on your machine every 3,000 or 4,000 stitches, whichever comes first. This helps the engine run more smoothly and prevents you from having to fix it at a later date.

It also helps keep the machine running consistent and provides peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to go through these problems if something goes wrong.

II. Check your machine for Oil, Jam, and Repairs

One of the most important things you can do is to check your machine for oil, jam, and repairs. This will ensure that you don’t have to replace any parts, and it will also help keep your machine running smoothly.

III. Make sure your machine is calibrated

One of the most important things you can do for your quilting machine is to make sure it’s calibrated. This ensures that your stitches are accurate and that the machine is performing at its best.

Calibration can be done easily by checking the machine’s needles and rulers, as well as the motor and other components.

IV. Change Your Stitch

One of the most common problems with machines is that they get tired. Stitch after stitch, and the machine just can’t keep up.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to change your stitch routine. Instead of doing one long, STRONG stitch, do a few quick stitches. This will help you avoid getting tired and help you stay on task.

Don’t Over tighten your tension One of the most common mistakes small businesses make is overtightening the tension on their machines.

This can cause the machine to run out of ink, or worse, it can cause the machine to malfunction. Keep your tension consistent and you’ll be able to keep your quilting stitches looking amazing.

V. Change your needle threading

When you switch needle threading, you need to make sure that the machine is set up for it. This can be a difficult task, but it’s important to ensure that your machine is able to handle the new needles.

You also need to change the ink cartridge in your machine and make sure that everything else is properly set up. If you don’t do this, you may find that your machine won’t be able to quilt as well as it used to.

VI. Don’t use hot or cold quilting

One of the most common mistakes small businesses make is using hot or cold quilting stitches. This can cause a lot of problems down the line. For example, if you use a stitch that’s too hot, it can scorch the fabric and cause it to rip.

If you use a stitch that’s too cold, it can freeze and cause your machine to stop working. In both cases, this can ruin the fabric and create a mess on the floor.

Can Cricut Explore Air 2 Cut Fabric for Quilting?

Yes, the Cricut is able to explore air 2 cut fabric. This means that it can handle fabrics that are up to 1″ in thickness. So if you’re a quilter who likes to sew with a thicker fabric, the Cricut is definitely for you.

Do You Need a Special Blade to Cut Fabric with Cricut?

No, you don’t need a special blade to cut fabric with the Cricut. All you need is a standard sewing blade and you’re good to go.

How Do You Bond Fabric With Cricut?

One of the most common ways to bind fabric with Cricut is by using the cutters. With Cricut, you simply cut the fabric and then bond it to the cutting machine. This process is called bonding and it’s one of the simplest ways to produce unique quilting patterns.

By bonding, you create a connection between the fabric and the Cricut cutter. This connection helps ensure that your fabrics will be well-matched and will look great together. Additionally, bonding also helps to keep the fabric in place on the Cricut cutting machine.

If you use a belt sander or another type of sharpening tool, you’ll need to be careful not to damage the fabric. Bonding can help to prevent this from happening.

Can Cricut Cut Cotton Fabric?

Yes, the Cricut can cut cotton fabric. Cotton is a very delicate fabric and can be damaged by other machines.

However, the Cricut is incredibly powerful and able to do an amazing job with it. You will not have any problems producing high-quality patterns with this machine.


Cutting is the first and single most important step in making a quilt since you can make a beautiful quilt with wrong size fabrics, thus quilting cutting machines are essential for precise cuttings.

And to make sure your first step to creating a quilt is perfect and guide you in making the right buying decision, we’ve reviewed the best quilting cutting machines to make working on your projects easier, faster, and accident-free.

With the list above, we hope we’ve been able to help you find your ideal quilt cutter that is suitable for your needs and fulfils all your requirements.