Are Crochet Toys Safe for Cats?

Cats love toys and not only are toys perfect for developing their minds but they also get the cats to express their playfulness and feel happy. There are a variety of crochet toys available that are so cute with lovely patterns and designs that compels you to get one or more for your cat pet.

Crochet toys come in the form of fish, mice, or string with tassels attached that make cats happy because they love playing by chasing and acting like they’re hunting these small animal toys.

Many cat owners have picked up some crochet toys for their pets and if you would also like to pick up one or more for your cat then you should continue reading this article to find out about the safety of your cats with crochet toys and everything you need to know about crochet toys and cats.

Are Crochet Toys Safe for Cats?

Crochet toys are safe for cats but the toys should be made very secure so as not to unravel as cats can rip the toy and the situation will turn into an entirely different thing. There are safe crochet toys for your cat to play with but they still shouldn’t be left alone, they should be supervised as cats chewing on their toys isn’t unusual.

Cats can rip crochet toys to pieces and swallow them and this could cause intestinal obstruction when crochet toys unravel, yarns are dangerous to cats if swallowed. 

And in some cases, the cats might not even be able to swallow these toy parts and they just get stuck on their barbs-covered tongue. Apart from in situations where cats rip and swallow these toys, crochet toys are fine for cats but should be made to be very secure.

Is Yarn Dangerous For Cats?

Cats love playing and chasing a ball of yarn is interesting for them and it’s all cute to see them running after a ball of yarn. But apart from causing damage to the ball of yarn which is even mild, as compared to when the cat chews and swallows the yarn strings, this can be very hazardous for them if immediate care is not given.

Biting and chewing of yarn strings causes cats to choke. It can also induce vomiting if the yarn string enters the gastrointestinal tract. If the string doesn’t get to the GI tract of the cat, it can get stuck beneath the cat’s tongue and cause difficulty in swallowing for your cat which in turn causes the cat to start licking its lips and drooling more than normal. If the yarn stays in the cat’s gut for a while it results in a loss of appetite and lethargy in the cat. 

Furthermore, in cases when the yarn doesn’t even eat or swallow the yarn, the ball of yarn can be unbundled by the cat and the cats can get tangled up in the knots of yarn thus causing blood constriction in the regions that are tangled with strings. If the cat isn’t untangled from the yarn strings on time it can cause swelling and tissue death in the constricted region. 

With all this, it’s highly recommended you find something else for your cat to play with than a ball of yarn and store your ball of yarn and any string-like materials carefully. Don’t leave these items unattended so your cat doesn’t just come across them, pick them up, and mistakenly hurt itself in the process of playing.

What To Do If Your Cat Swallows Crochet Toy Pieces?

Once you observe that your cat has ripped and swallowed a piece of its crochet toy, the next thing to do is to visit the veterinary clinic. It’s essential to act quickly because it’s a serious risk to your cat’s life as it may cause gastrointestinal obstruction.

Sometimes, you notice a part of your cat’s crochet toy is ripped but you’re not sure if your cat has swallowed it. Check your cat for symptoms like vomiting, losing appetite, experiencing lethargy, or changes in poop, and if you notice any of these changes contact your vet immediately.

Also if your cat swallows a toy part it’s possible to see a piece of string coming out of your pet behind, don’t touch it at all to avoid worsening the cat’s condition as pulling can cause intestinal damage, just get in touch with your vet.

How To Make Toys Safe For Cats

If you want crochet toys for your pet, go for the crochet toys that are made from wool and felted so the toys won’t unravel at any time and pose a risk to your cat. Felted crochet items are unlikely to unravel, you can feel crochet toys by applying heat and pressure to make their fibers fuse or by shaking them beneath hot water with a little quantity of soap.

In addition, when you’re crocheting toys for your pet, although these things are cute, avoid plastic noses, googly eyes, or any of those pieces that can get separated from the crochet items. If you go for a stuffed toy for your cat, stay away from the ones with beads, nutshells, or beans and similar items in them to prevent the cat from choking on these items in case the toy gets ripped. 

Lastly, make sure to inspect your cat toys before and after playtime and monitor your pet during playtime to ensure maximum safety. All these are just to take extra precautions to avoid any accidents, so you shouldn’t get too paranoid and stop your cats from playing with toys to prevent hurting themselves.



Crochet toys are quite safe for cats but with their chewing habits, some tend to chew these toys, rip them, and swallow a toy piece which can lead to serious health concerns for your cat which is why you shouldn’t leave cats to play with these toys unsupervised.

You should ensure that the crochet toys are well secured to prevent unraveling as the yarn isn’t safe for cats to consume. There are numerous very safe cat toys available, so ensure you’re going for the right one that doesn’t possess any form of hazard for your cat.